Is Kitesurfing Easier Than Surfing

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Windsurfing versus Kitesurfing - Which is better?
    Ever since kitesurfing has hit the beaches I have been seeing a continuing increase in accidents. My explanation is that since kitesurfing is easier/faster to learn than windsurfing, a lot of people the are not physically and psychologically ready to do an extreme sport start to do an extreme sport.

How to go from Surfing to Kitesurfing Seabreeze
    Kitesurfing could well be the answer. If you're looking for more water time, you'll soon find you're out surfing the offshore in the morning, and kitesurfing in the seabreeze in the afternoon/evening. What a situation to find yourself in! There are many disciplines in kitesurfing, and I'll …

Is kitesurfing easier than windsurfing? - Quora
    Here’s my answer, based on my experience enjoying and teaching both sports: At the early stages, windsurfing is much, much easier to get to the point of riding around on your own— if, of course, you have good beginner equipment and conditions (and...

Kitesurfing VS Surfing; 5 questions and answers to ...
    Both surfing and kitesurfing have a steep learning curve, however instructors generally agree that it takes less time to learn kitesurfing than surfing . Learn to surf Learning to surf a neophyte seems pretty simple: there is only one thing to check, the board, so in the common imagination it is enough to take a board under your arm and start ...

Kitesurfing vs surfing: which is better?
    People trying to decide between kitesurfing and surfing often get put off by the complexity of the kiteboarding equipment. Learning to set up and use that equipment, however, is a significant part of your basic training and can typically be learned in a few hours. So overall, I find kitesurfing significantly easier to learn than surfing. Even ...

Kitesurfing vs Windsurfing: Which One Is Best For You?
    Kitesurfing is considered riskier than windsurfing due mainly to the long flying range (20+ m kite lines), the low barrier to entry (riders with little experience), the kite’s unpredictable behavior in rough weather, the limited buoyancy of kiteboards, and the high possibility of equipment failure.

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