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Surfing Mavericks: The Unofficial Biography of Jay ...

    Aug 15, 2012 · Truly Jay Morirarity was a UNIQUE soul but there is no way he could have become the surferr he did without the teaching/mentoring ability & humanity of Frosty Hesson. The movie CHASING MAVERICKS is inspired BY the actual TRUE STORY, however its NOT accurate but the EXTRAS. realy spoke of the Real Jay Moriarity.3.8/5(33)

Chasing Mavericks (2012) - IMDb

    Oct 25, 2012 · Storyline. The inspirational true story of real life surfing phenomenon Jay Moriarity. When 15 year old Jay discovers that the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on Earth, is not only real, but exists just miles from his Santa Cruz home, he enlists the help of local legend Frosty Hesson to train him to survive it.7.2/10(30.2K)

[SURF] Jay Moriarity - Insane Wipeout at Mavericks (1994 ...

    Nov 15, 2008 · 16-year-old Jay Moriarity launched into one of the most spectacular wipeouts in history. The image of an airborne Moriarity about to face annihilation was displayed on the cover of Surfer magazine ...Author: fabaaooo

Chasing Mavericks - Surfer Jay Moriarity » True. Sports ...

    Oct 18, 2016 · The movie, Chasing Mavericks, is based on the true story of Jay Moriarity, another Santa Cruz surfer, and his quest to surf the legendary waves. With the guidance of his surf mentor, Frosty Hesson, Jay learns to surf Mavericks at the age of 15.

Mavericks: Interesting facts about California's big wave spot

    Surfing Welcome to Mavericks, one of the most feared surf breaks on the planet. A brutal wave capable of killing an in-form surfer in a couple of seconds. Mavericks is a dangerous wave that breaks off Pillar Point, in Half Moon Bay, at Princeton-by-the-Sea, in Northern California, just 20 miles south of …

Chasing Mavericks True Story - Real Jay Moriarity, Frosty ...

    No. Unlike what the Chasing Mavericks movie implies, Jay had surfed Mavericks for eight months prior to his famous 1994 wipeout. He began surfing the waves at Mavericks earlier in that season. However, he didn't even have a full season at Mavs under his belt when the wipeout took place. -Making Mavericks

The compelling surf life story of Jay Moriarity

    At the age of 15, having studied and analyzed Mavericks from all possible perspectives, Jay made his debut in the big wave surfing arena. His first attempt at Mavericks was a big wave measured at between 15 and 18 feet. "It felt like I have climbed Mount Everest or won a gold medal at the Olympics," Jay Moriarity stated at the time.

Mavericks, California - Wikipedia

    Mavericks is a surfing location in northern California outside Pillar Point Harbor, just north of the town of Half Moon Bay at the village of Princeton-by-the-Sea. After a strong winter storm in the northern Pacific Ocean, waves can routinely crest at over 8 m (25 ft) and top out at over 18 m (60 ft).

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