Jimmy Lewis Kwad Kiteboard

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Kwad - Jimmy Lewis

    Kwad $899.00 – $949.00 Hips forward and quad fins create a loose tail and lots of drive/lift. Includes fins (2 front fins 4.25″ 2 back fins 3.5″), 3 part pad, removable straps, and hardware to mount straps.

Kwad - Jimmy Lewis

    Kwad $1,649.00 – $2,299.00 The Kwad is a very forgiving board in perfect and less than perfect surf. Slightly faster rocker line and slightly fuller nose outline makes for great stability and paddling even in rougher conditions.

KWAD Kiteboard 5'11 – Jimmy Lewis Boards Australia

    Jimmy’s Four Fin Phenom. Fast and Loose Like a Rally Car.Hips forward and quad fins create a loose tail and lots of drive/floatIncludes fins, 3 part pad, and removable straps JL Signature I-Beam Construction with Cork top standing area. 5'11″x18.5″x2.125″ Jimmy’s Four Fin Phenom.

Jimmy Lewis KWAD KT 2011 Kiteboard Review

    Jimmy Lewis has engineered the KWAD KT using a special sandwich structure which perfectly balances the weight to strength ratio. This way the board is stiff, solid and light at the same time. The Jimmy Lewis KWAD KT is available in several sizes to match a larger rider weight range and comes in …4/5(2)

Kwad - Jimmy Lewis

    Kwad $749.00 – $799.00 This high performance shortboard was built around the quad fin set up. It's wide point barely up from center gives it that front foot drive and allows it to keep its speed on the wave while it's clean rocker line and 4 fin set up allows it to hold through clean carving lines.

Jimmy Lewis Kwad Kitesurf - JLID - Distribution

    Jimmy Lewis Kwad is a directional kiteboard. Hips forward and quad fins create a loose tail and lots of drive/lift. Includes fins 2 front fins 4.25″ 2 back fins 3.5), 3 part pad, removable straps, and hardware to mount straps. Cosntruction Ibeam sandwich PVC.

Jimmy Lewis Kwad Kiteboard Now Available Kitesurfing ...

    Jimmy Lewis Kwad kite-surf board is an incredibly fast-turning board and will go upwind better than any other kiteboard on the water. You don't need waves to have fun on this stick. It planes up in very light winds and will let you use a much smaller kite than you might expect - you're going to love it! Available in kiteboard construction.

Kiteboards - Jimmy Lewis

    Jimmy Lewis Kiteboard - PARK Model - 54" by 16.25" Jimmy Lewis Park Kiteboard Shaped by Jimmy Lewis with the wake-style rider in mind. The Park features a Formica bottom, making it the most kicker- and slider-resistant surface Jimmy Lewis offers. Wider hips and tips give it …

Kite - Jimmy Lewis

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