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CORE Kiteboarding · Premium kites + boards made in Germany
    CORE Surfboards Pro Wave Performance. Learn More Specialized Kites & Boards Hardcore Riders Only. Learn More QR & Safety Line Safety Notice. Learn more. KITES: XR6 · XR6 LW · Nexus 2 · Nexus 2 LW · GTS6 · GTS6 LW · XLITE · Section 3 · Section 3 LW · Impact 2 · Pump 2.0

Kiteboarding Boards Twintips
    CrazyFly is redefining the future of the ultimate kiteboard. Blending together the most advanced technologies and materials while focusing on the best possible performance, we created the second version of the Elite board. ... and powerful Paulownia wood core. Reducing board thickness while adding more carbon fiber between the pads allows us to ...

Kiteboard Core Kiteboarding - Kitemana
    Core has used a variable thickness in the rail of Core kiteboards. The thickness differs from thick in the middle to thinner towards the tips. This gives the kiteboard specific characteristics. The thickness varies for each board, such as the Fusion, Choice and Bolt. You can read the different thicknesses in the complete product descriptions.

Kiteboard and Sail Size Charts - Surfertoday
    The most important characteristics of a kiteboard are the template outline, the rocker, the board thickness and width, the core materials, and the quality of the straps. Now, take a look at the kiteboard size chart: Rider Weight (lb/kg) Kiteboard Size (cm) Kiteboard Width (cm)

CORE Accessories – CORE Kiteboarding
    CORE Pump 2.0 L/XL. The CORE Pump 2.0 is re-invented! Although our shiny new black pump features a longer barrel, ergonomic hand grips, a fatter hose and a redesigned base, its biggest innovation hides inside. Internal pump friction is virtually eliminated and our “Sand Guard” air filter prevents internal kite damage from sand inhalation.

How To Build – Making Skis/Snowboard/Kiteboard/Wakeboard ...
    If you increase the core thickness by 10% your stiffness will go up ~30%. Read here. This also means that any thickness change within the composite sandwich is much more effective then thickness changes outside the composite sandwich (like adding some veneer on top or a topseet)! 4) Weigh your fabric and mix the same weight of Epoxy.

Kiteboards — REAL Watersports
    Core Fusion 3 Kiteboard Core $1,139.00 $1,039.00 Save 70 % Liquid Force Spacecraft Kiteboard-144 x 42.1cm Liquid Force $499.99 $150.00 FCD Blunt EPS/Epoxy 5'0" FCD $1,059.00 FCD Blunt EPS/Epoxy 5'0" FCD $1,059.00 FCD Shrike EPS/Epoxy 5'6" ...

Core Fusion 4 Kiteboard — REAL Watersports
    Core Fusion 4 Kiteboard by Core • SKU BOBOF413540N. $1,179.95 ... and powerful Paulownia wood core. Reducing board thickness while adding more of our proprietary Cartan carbon fiber between the pads allows us to liven up the tips, add more pop and most importantly, improve cruising comfort. ...

Buy Core Kites and Kiteboards Online at Kitemana!
    The Core kiteboarding range now consists of five kites: XR, Nexus, GTS, Sector and Impact. In addition, a separate kiteboard and surfboard line under the name Core has been developed. The kites and kiteboards from Core are for everyone from pro to beginner and wave rider to kiteloop kings.

Tkb Review: 2020 CORE Fusion 4 The Kiteboarder Magazine
    Mar 31, 2020 · CORE Fusion 4 Sizes Available: 133cm x 39cm, 135cm x 40cm, 137cm x 41cm, 139cm x 41.5cm, 141cm x 42cm, 144cm x 43cm Sizes Tested: 137cm x 41cm, 141cm x 42cm. Core Says: If you liked our Fusion 3, the Swiss Army® knife of kiteboards, you’ll love the Fusion 4.

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