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Water Wear Flotation and Impact Vests -
    The Neil Pryde High Hook Flotation Vest is made specifically with kiteboarding and windsurfing in mind. The webbing is designed to fit beneath your spreader bar to keep the vest from riding up. A simple design that works perfectly. The vest is lightweight, flexible and has convenient, side-zipper entry.

Best Impact And Floatation Vest for Kitesurfing
    The floatation vest is designed to fit tightly for freedom of movement and to stay in place during impacts. It has a flat waist area for wearing a seat or waist harness on top of it. The harness on top helps keep the vest low in place, and conversely, the vest prevents the harness from riding up the torso.

Wearing a Kiteboarding Floatation Vest
    An oft-overlooked, but essential kiteboarding accessory is a floatation vest. Before you begin justifying to yourself why you don't need one - sure, you're a great swimmer, yeah sure, it doesn't look cool - whatever your excuse is, just think about the what if. Most of the time, you won't have any need for your floatation vest while kiteboarding.

Best Impact Vests for Watersports Kiteboarding Planet ...
    The truth is that choosing a kiteboarding flotation vest is all about what is right for you, your circumstances and the conditions you plan to kitesurf in. What most people look for are some solutions that function as a life jacket/life vest but also as a specific impact vest for kitesurfing.

NPX Immortal Kitesurfing Flotation Vest
    NPX High Hook Immortal Kiteboarding Flotation Vest NPX Immortal CE Kitesurfing Flotation Vest. It's not guaranteed to save your life should something bad happen on the water, but it improves your odds. Always play the best odds.5/5(5)

Safety Gear & Floatation Vests - Adventure Kiteboarding
    Saftey Gear & Floatation Vests Kiteboarding safety gear is far too often overlooked. We're considered an extreme sport which inherently means potential danger. Play the better odds and get yourself a brain bucket, floatation aid, and hook knife.

Dakine Surface Vest (Float/Impact) - Kiteboarding Closeouts
    Dakine is a well-known kiteboarding and windsurfing brand. Dakine vest products are specially designed for individuals who are looking for maximum comfort, fashion, and flotation while not sacrificing usability and durability which are limitations often seen from traditional life-saver and life jacket flotation gear.

Impact and Flotation Vest - Kiteboarding,
    Seriously, a good kiteboarding life vest or impact vest is a must for any beginner and, let’s be honest, even the most technical riders can have accidents. For those who like to ride hard it’s nice to have a impact vest to take a little of the sting out of a hard fall. : NP Surf High Hook Flotation Vest, Black ...
    The NP floatation and impact vest are designed around the wind sports rider. Allowing maximum range of motion in the shoulder and arms. The unique designs are forms fitting to …Reviews: 38

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