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KITEBOARDING.CZ - Landkiting Mountainboardy
    Velký výběr mountainboard; značek MBS, Kheo a další. Zboží skladem, dodání již do 2. dne a se zárukou vrácení peněz. Vyber si hned!

MBS Atom 95X Mountainboard - California Kiteboarding
    The Atom 95X is the perfect board for entry-level riders wanting to experience all aspects of mountainboarding. Beefy deck, F1 bindings and a completely installed V brake system give this board everything it needs to perform while keeping some change in your pocket.

All Landboards - Power Kite Shop Kiteboarding UK ...
    KIte Landboards Board All-terrain Kite Specific Landboard Boards Mountainboard Kiteboard Flexifoil MBS Scrub Trampa Eolo Trampa Powerslide XC Trail Skates Comp Core Pro 90 95 100 R1 R2 R3 Psycho Hunter Wheels Footstraps Board Bag Power Kite Shop UK Equipment Powerkiteshop

Contact Trampa Boards, your one-stop destination for ...
    Contact Trampa Boards today to buy all the gear you need to go Mountainboarding, Landboarding, Kiteboarding. We have Mountainboards, Trucks, Kite Landboards, and all accessories

What is kiteboarding? - MBS Mountainboards Europe
    What is kiteboarding? Kiteboarding is a land version of kitesurfing. Boards with wheels are used instead of kite surf boards. Boards used for kiteboarding are typically shorter and lighter than those used for mountainboarding. You use the power of the kite to pull you along either a field or a beach. When kiteboarding is it […]

Land Boards MBS Comp 95 Mountainboard - Kiteboarding
    The MBS Comp 95 is the most versatile board, suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners looking for a board they won't outgrow to seasoned riders pushing the boundaries of the sport on a daily basis.

KITEBOARDING.CZ - Mountainboard - KHEO CORE v2 8"
    KHEO CORE v2 je skvělý mountainboard především pro jezdce lehčí váhy a pro mladší příznivce tohoto sportu. Mountainboard KHEO CORE je sestaven z kvalitních součástí a materiálů, a je vhodný pro prozkoumání krás mountainboardingu nebo landkitingu s naprostou lehkostí. Deska je …

Kite LandBoarding in mountains ! Part #1 - YouTube
    Jul 19, 2017 · Kite landboarding in the Alps! That's how it looks like, epic landscapes and awesome view for a cool land kite session in the mountains :) This is the part #1 of my land kiting series riding the ...Author: lolo BSD

Trampa Boards Ltd, Mountainboard, Mountain Boards ...
    Trampa Boards Ltd produces the worlds best Electric Boards, Mountainboards, Kite boards, Street Carveboards, Urban Carve Boards & Longboards. Electric motors for all boards are now being made! Toys for the big boys!

1er cours de kite: glisse en mountainboard - YouTube
    Apr 23, 2018 · David en est à son deuxième cours de kite avec l'école de kite Kitecamp62 sur la plage de Boulogne. Les premières sensations de glisse et de traction en …

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