Kitesurf Short Lines

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Why Would You Use Short Lines When Kitesurfing?
    Short lines are the 'Secret Sauce' of learning to kitesurf quickly and easily. ... Last but definitely not least a kite on short lines is a lot easier to relaunch than a kite on longer lines, This is because the relative angles of the lines to the kite is that much greater that every movement of the kite has much more effect on the steering of ...

Kitesurf Line Length and Kite Behavior: Long or Short Lines?
    - Short lines (between 15 and 20 meters) are used in situations of very strong and gusty winds to allow a better control of a kite. - Long lines (25 and up to 40 meters) are normally used in light wind conditions or in kitesurf racing, when it’s necessary to reach the best wind possible.

Flying your Kitesurfing Kite with Shorter Lines
    So we’ve been experimenting with using short lines here at Tantrum Kitesurf and I wanted to take a minute to tell you the results. After coming back from her Instructor Training Course last year, Maria, one of our instructors started raving about using short lines, explaining how it made everything so much easier and safer.

Kiteboarding Line Lengths Explained 2020 - Slingshot Sports
    Mar 20, 2019 · The general rule is to use a short 17” bar for small kites (4 to 6/7m usually), the long 23” bar is for larger kites (about 12/13m and larger) and the 20” bar is the universal size that will work for all kites but is best for about 6/ 7 m to about 12m. ... 17” bar, 20m lines; 20” bar, 20m lines + 3m extensions; 23” bar, 27m lines ...

How to Select The Best kiteboarding Lines
    Pigtails are short, thick connector lines with a knot and a loop that connect the lines to the kite bridles. There are typically pigtails at the end of the lines and other on the kite side. Pigtails help prevent the lines and bridles from wearing out too fast due to continuously hooking/unhooking the lines.

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