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Kitesurfing world speed record smashed Seabreeze
    If only it was smashed by another kiteboarder! Unfortunately, that wasn't the case earlier this week when the Vestas Sailrocket 2 achieved an average speed over 500m of 59.23 knots, completely annihilating the previous record set by Rob Douglas back in 2010 (55.65 knots).

Kitefoiling vs kiteboard average speed? Kitesurfing ...
    Average speed is a meaningless concept for kiteboarding. It depends on what you're doing. If you're blasting along on long runs with no crashing then your average will be high. If you're doing lots of spinny tricks or playing with waves then your average will be low. Moving average is …

Is There A Weight Limit For Kitesurfing? – WaterMadness
    The relation between average wind speed and kitesurfing kite size. The average wind speed is so important, and it changes from season to season so you have to put in your mind when are you planning to kitesurf and then lock for the range of the wind speed in your area. with higher wind speed you will need less kite size, and obviously, with ...

Windsurfing Speed Record 98.65 km/h - YouTube
    Nov 06, 2017 · Antoine Albeau F192 beating a new World record at Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015!! 98.65km/h!!!Author: Виндсерфинг Журнал

How fast do kitesurfers go? - Kitesurfing Advice and Tips
    Most riders feel most comfortable riding around 15-20mph in average water conditions. If you ride a directional surfboard in waves, you’ll also feel safer and more in control at these kinds of lower speeds. Factors that influence kitesurfing speed. In general, the stronger the wind, the higher the speed you can reach (assuming flat water).

How much wind does a kiteboarder need to fly a kite?
    In other words, a kite will fly depending on average wind speed, the size of the wing, and the weight of the kiteboarder. Then, there are also a couple of secondary variables that we should consider before unpacking. For example, don't forget that you may also need minimum wind speed to water relaunch and eventually body drag you back to dry land.

Kitesurfing in Cape Town A Local's Guidebook Coastline ...
    6. The atmosphere while kitesurfing in Cape Town 7. Average wind speed in Cape Town 8. Volunteer programs in Cape Town 9. Visa requirements for foreigners 10. What about sharks. General info on Kitesurfing in Cape Town. Kitesurfing in Cape Town will push your kite limits to the maximum!

How Much Wind for Kiteboarding? 8 Factors To Know About
    Minimum wind factor #1: available kite size and type. An average size kiter (around 165 lb) is usually able to fly a 11 or 12m2 kite starting at about 10 knots of constant wind.Note that I’m talking here about flying not riding – see below.. The smaller the kite you have available, the more wind you’ll need to be able to launch the kite and keep it up in the air.

How Much Wind Is Needed To Kitesurf? » KitesurfingAdvice
    Jun 22, 2020 · A kiteboarder’s speed will depend on a number of factors, including the current wind conditions and their own personal skill when handling the kite. Generally speaking, the average kiteboarder rides at speeds between 15 to 25 mph, and this number is slightly lower for those who aren’t as skilled just yet.

Speed of kitesurfing vs. windsurfing -
    Jul 07, 2019 · Speed of kitesurfing vs. windsurfing. Post by espana23 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 9:06 am . Hi all, This question is to people that do both kitesurfing and windsurfing. With which of the two sports do you go faster on average (assuming same wind speed when comparing the two)?

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