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SPOTS- Kitesurfing in Cyprus
    Kitesurfing Spots in Cyprus Cyprus is an island in the East meditteranean and also the third larger after Sicily and Sardinia. Its has 650km of coastlineand approximately 800,000 population. The island was occupied by Turkish in 1974 when they took over 36.2% of the island, the east and north part, which they still have in their ownership.

    For the kitesurfing season of 2019 we are completely ready to welcome you. New kites and boards will make this summer unforgettable.! Lets kitesurf together in this beautiful island of Cyprus.

Kitesurfing in Cyprus Cyprus For Travellers
    Kitesurfing spots in Cyprus. As kitesurfing depends so much on the weather conditions, especially on the wind strength and direction, calm and mostly breathless Cyprus summers are not the best time for serious practice, and professional kitesurfers usually choose fall or even winter for their sessions. Nevertheless, summer is a great time for ...

Cyprus - Global Kite Spots
    Cyprus is a great destination for waves, and offers good consistent wind in the summer months. Combine that with hot weather and good connection flights and you might’ve found your next holiday destination. There are many spots around the island so the best way to experience it is to rent a car and go exploring the coastline.

Best time for Kitesurfing and Windsurfing in Cyprus 2020 & Map
    Feb 11, 2020 · Kitesurfing spots in Cyprus. There are quite a few kitesurfing spots close to Limassol. Paramali Beach and Advimou Beach are great locations to learn to kitesurf. Ladies Mile Beach and Curium Beach have smaller waves in the summer but big waves in the winter, since they are exposed to east winds.

Kitesurfing Paramali Beach Limassol Cyprus
    Enjoy Kitesurfing in Paramali Beach, Limassol, Cyprus. Limassol is located on the south coast of the island, on Akrotiri Bay and is the second largest city in Cyprus. As it has one of the biggest ports in the Mediterranean Sea, the city is rapidly evolving into one of the most important maritime, commerce and tourism destination worldwide.

Windsurfing - Kitesurfing - LoveCyprus - We Love Cyprus
    Although it is a relatively new sport, kitesurfing is constantly gaining ground and is particularly popular on the beaches of Larnaca in the villages of Mazotos / Kiti, where surveys of air conditions have shown that the area is one of the best spots on the island but also on the whole the Mediterranean area for kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing in Cyprus IKO
    Cyprus has conditions all year around for kiteboarding though what is also great is that there is always something to do as well off the water. This is why Cyprus is a great destination for all travels wether novice kiteboarders, advanced, solo travels, friends and family ones. When in Cyprus you can be doing many things wether on or off the water.

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