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Land-Surf, LLC – The Best Quality Products for Onewheel ...
    Land-Surf, LLC. produces specially-designed products designed to enhance the safety, usability, and fun of Onewheel boards by Future Motion, as well as products for other e-skate applications.

What is land windsurfing? - The Ultimate Surfing News Website
    Land windsurfing is the sport of windsurfing in terra firma. Riders use a windsurfing sail to skateboard across dry land. You can land windsurf in the city streets, at skateparks, on a beach during low tides, on a football field, in a flat indoor or outdoor surface, car parks, salt, and dirt lakes, or in any open space with few obstacles.. Believe it or not, land windsurfing is nearly as old ...

About Land Windsurfing
    Land Sailing — racing in three-wheeled vehicles moving across land powered by wind through the use of a sail. Also known as sand yachting or land yachti; Surfing — participants stand on a surfboard, and use the waves for propulsion; Sailing — a sport that involves moving a boat by using the power of the wind. Related Pages. Complete list ...

Land sailing - Wikipedia
    Land sailing, also known as 'sand yachting', 'land yachting' or 'dirtboating', is the act of moving across land in a wheeled vehicle powered by wind through the use of a sail. The term comes from analogy with (water) sailing.Historically, land sailing was used as a mode of transportation or recreation.Since the 1950s, it has evolved primarily into a racing sport.

Instant Land Windsurfer (with Pictures) - Instructables
    Instant Land Windsurfer: Drill a hole in the front of your beach skateboard. Bolt the gooseneck universal joint a.k.a. mast step of your winsurfer rig there. A shortboard mast step is perfect for that.Go sailing in the nearest parking lot or hard beach. A regular...

V-Land Surf Forecast and Surf Reports (Colón, Panama)
    V-Land Surf Guide. V-Land in Colon Vicinity is a fairly exposed reef break that has fairly consistent surf Works best in offshore winds from the southeast. Most of the surf comes fis in the form of windswells and the ideal wave direction is from the north northeast. A right hand reef break.

windsurf land - YouTube
    Sep 02, 2017 · Episode 1: Light wind core skills: clew first sailing, backwinded sailing windsurfing - Duration: 16:34. TWS Tenerife Windsurf Solution 180,712 viewsAuthor: Wallace Marcello

Mountainboards, Kite Landboards, All Levels
    • No thoughts about sharks, stingrays or jellyfish on land. • Almost Instant gratification. Much faster and easier to learn on land. • The skills you learn in a landboard lesson will transfer directly to snow-kiting and kite-skimming. • Its HUGE Fun and a great way to take advantage of the wind and wide open spaces.

Windsurfing Gear Boards, Sails, & More The House
    Windsurfers and Windsurfing Gear on Sale at The House. "Surfing's ginger haired cousin" but seriously Windsurfing is an amazingly fun and challenging sport. We have equipment for every skill-set from beginning surfers to advance wave rippers. From boards to hardware and everything in between The House is your one stop wind shop and has been since 1982! Jibe is the vibe and attitude is ...

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