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How to Heelside Back Roll on a Wakeboard PUSH Action ...

    Either way, I would say that the backroll or the tantrum should be your first invert on a wakeboard, so if this is the one for you then let’s get learning. Back Roll Prerequisites and Setup Obviously you need to be able to do wake to wake airs smoothly and consistently, probably with some grabs.

Heelside Back Roll - Wakeboarding MicBergsma - YouTube

    Backroll is one of easy inverts to learn on.... My first invert was tantrum then heelside backroll then toeside backroll. Best tricks to learn for first time...

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    Front Side Back Rolls While Wakeboarding. If you are wakeboarding on a regular basis, have received some tips on wakeboarding, and are looking to extend your repertoire of tricks, then you might consider learning how to do a front side back roll. You should ride toe side, and approach from 10 to 15 feet outside the wake.3.6/5(17)

The Battle of Wakeboard Styles: Tantrum vs. Back Roll

    Dec 08, 2006 · The first flip learned by wakeboarders across the country is either the back roll or the tantrum. The general consensus between the two different kinds of flips is that the back roll is easier. But for some, like me, the tantrum comes easier. The back roll consists of a cartwheel type flip over the wake and the tantrum is more of a back flip.

Wakeboarder.com Tricks and Tips - Roll to Revert

    3. Cut out super wide and edge long and hard to take your Roll to Revert super-big. Moving On The Roll to Revert helps you learn the following tricks: 1. Half Cab Roll 2. Grab Roll to Revert 3. Heelside Mobe. If you have specific questions about this trick or would like to discuss it …

Basic Wakeboarding Maneuvers HowStuffWorks

    Tantrum: You approach the wake from the back and execute a back flip. Temper tantrum: Double the fun of the tantrum; execute a double back roll. Speedball: This is a double front roll. Whirlybird: This is a back roll with a full 360 degree spin. Raley: Once you hit the wake and extend your body, raise your feet and board above your head.

Mexican Heelside Back Roll - Wakeboarding MicBergsma ...

    Apr 03, 2012 · Rider - Reese Phillips Filmed by Mitch Bergsma Camera - Canon T2i / 550d with 24-105 L lens / Filter - B+W KSM C-POL MRC Single trick videos / playlist http:...

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    These facts about wakeboarding tell us that wakeboarding is a serious but fun workout for people who want to stay fit and have fun at the same time. It involves an intense physical training regiment if you want a more sophisticated experience, but you can just ride off the water if you just want to have fun.

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