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    With the Finite Element Methode 50 different fiber layups where created and evaluated to find the one most suited to the windsurfing boom. Together with the best materials available we are able to deliver the best (lightest and most comfortable) boom on the market. FEM Analysis image above.

DUOTONE Platinum Aero 2.0 Series ᐅ Your most remarkable boom!
    PLATINUM AERO 2.0 is the lightest boom in the world (140-190: 1.95 kg, 190-250: 2.70 kg) and the ultimate choice in terms of technology, weight and quality manufacturing. However, because of the incredibly sophisticated manufacturing process, there is only an extremely limited number available (on a first-come, first-served basis).

DUOTONE Silver Series ᐅ Your wave-oriented boom!
    The longer the boom (180 and up) the more obvious the difference in stiffness becomes. Carbon booms can be made much lighter (up to 20%) while still offering at least 20% higher stiffness. With carbon you can go for thinner diameters (up to 4 mm) while still offering at least 20% higher stiffness.

The Windsurfing Boom - Everything Windsurfing
    Aug 23, 2019 · The windsurfing boom is a core piece of equipment. Attached to the mast, the windsurfer grips it for control of the sail. The windsurfing boom is also useful for performing a waterstart when the sail fails over in the water. Arguably, you should always buy carbon windsurfing booms since they are superior.

Race - Gaastra Sails
    In particular the monocoque molded tail with integrated pulleys is super light and ultra stiff considerably reducing the swing weight which is a very important factor for jibing around the race course. The front and back sections are oversized, properly making it the stiffest and lightest boom on the market.Boom Size: 180-230 cm

Windsurf Booms - Aluminium, Carbon │ Surfstore
    Duotone Boom Platinum Aero Series 2.0 2019 THE LIGHTEST AND MOST EXCLUSIVE BOOM ON EARTH KEY FEATURES Exclusive and light Most exclusive and lightest boom in windsurfing world PREMIUM MATERIAL 100% T900 Carbon Prepreg + SENTEX...

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