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Maurizio is on Couchsurfing! Couchsurfing
    The only problem that I have with couchsurfing, is that I keep falling in love with other CSurfers. Not in a sexual sort of way, just in a "W W A A A W P" (WOW What An Amazing And Wonderful Person). I want to spend 10 more hours with him/her sort of way.

Maurizio è su Couchsurfing! Couchsurfing - Maurizio Mangano
    Perché sono iscritto su Couchsurfing. HOW I PARTICIPATE IN COUCHSURFING. Joined CS in feb 2007 and i am one of the TOP Host in Italy (as you can read in the stastic below) at my home in Milano, in Sicily and, even, in Riga and Saint Peterburg (while i was traveling there).

Maurizio Mangano - YouTube
    "When we get older, we start getting heavy," this fat cat with the banjo sings. "One day we find we weigh as much as your average Chevy." This chubby kitty says that no matter how much you diet and...

Milan - a backup of the couchsurfing wiki
    Milan has 2 Ambassadors (Maurizio Mangano and (Paolo Centofanti). Feel free to send a mail to them if you need information about Milan and about our group. Meetings. List of events by Milano CS It's not only the Ambassadors who love to organize parties, cultural or musical meetings and "aperitivi".

CouchSurfing Roma - Facebook
    CouchSurfing Roma. 8.1K likes. Official page of the CouchSurfing Roma (Rome, Italy) group The new idea of travelling, meeting and welcoming people from all over the world!

Maurizio Mangano - Home Facebook
    Maurizio Mangano. 589 likes. Mau's Photos

Italian Ambassadors - a backup of the couchsurfing wiki
    Based on work by Maurizio Mangano, James Smith, Demetrio, Gianpaolo Lorusso, dragolar, Tiziano, Stefano D'Andrea, Stefano Cortinovis and Karla, CouchSurfing Wiki user Calabrus and Anonymous users of CouchSurfing Wiki. we care about your privacy About CouchSurfing Wiki

CouchSurfing Milan - Events Page - Hlavní stránka Facebook
    CouchSurfing Milan - Events Page, Milán. 2 830 To se mi líbí · Mluví o tom (2). Official page for the big Couchsurfing/Bewelcome related events in Milan.

CouchSurfing Roma - Postitused Facebook
    CouchSurfing Roma. 8,1 tuh meeldimist. Official page of the CouchSurfing Roma (Rome, Italy) group The new idea of travelling, meeting and welcoming people from all over the world!

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