Nobile Kiteboard Futurism Nhp Carbon Split 2018

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In Focus: 2018 Nobile Tribe and Futurism Collection ...
    Features / Tue 5th Sep, 2017 @ 3:00 am. Features. In Focus: 2018 Nobile Tribe and Futurism Collection. Tribe&Futurism, the 2018 collection from Nobile, has been released. Nobile offers a complete line of kites, twintips and direcitonal boards for riders of all ability levels. Notably, they have a unique line of split boards that pack up easily for travel and still rip on the water.

    KITEBOARD NHP CARBON 2018. FUTURISM. THE ULTIMATE KITING MACHINE. STYLE: freeride, freestyle Size (cm): 134x41 138x43 SET: Board + Fins G10 40mm set Main features: • Super traction • Carbon • Mega pop • Easy manoeuvres

2018 Nobile NHP Split review Kiteworld Magazine The ...
    The NHP ticks so many boxes and is perfectly paced for freeride action. KW WOULD CHANGE: For frequent heavy landings the carbon model will be worth trying. However, the NHP split is a freeride board, not a full-on freestyle board. NHP SPLIT BALANCE POINTS: Build quality: 8. Fixtures and fittings: 7.5. Speed: 7. Pop: 7. Drive: 7. Flex: 6.5 ...

Nobile NHP Carbon Split Kiteboard -
    The Nobile NHP is made for the person who wants top quality in the smallest package possible. Pack your carbon kiteboard in your luggage, or throw in in your trunk with ease. No more paying overpriced sports equipment fees airlines want to charge you with. This year there are two sizes to choose from in the Carbon split, the 134 x 41 or the 138 x 43.

2018 Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard - Green Hat Kiteboarding
    2018 Nobile Futurism NHP Split Kiteboard. PACK YOUR BAG ONBOARD WITH NO EXTRA COST! There are many fantastic kiteboards, but only the Nobile Splitboard line lets you enjoy the freedom of travelling with a board wherever you want – whether by car, train or motorcycle. You just fold the board in two and pack it into the special Nobile bag. That’s all.

In Focus: Nobile Kiteboarding 2018 Product Overview ...
    The NHP is a top-class board in which all the Nobile technologies have been used. It is perfect for freestyle and big air, without compromising on comfort and upwind performance. NHP 2018 Owing to this unique Nobile technology, the board gains bigger torsion resistance which translates into fantastic upwind abilities and massive pop for jumps.

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