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Glossary of Surfing Terms and Surf Slang Surf Lingo ...

    Jun 28, 2020 · After all, you don’t want to be going to a surf camp and not understand some essential terms your instructor is using. Right bro? 360 – a surf move consisting of turning the surfboard at a 360-degree angle while on the face of a wave. A-frame – a wave-shaped like a peak that breaks both left and right, equally. Aggro – aggressive surfing/surfer

The Glossary of Surfing Terms and Surf Slang

    But the truth is that the surfing terminology keeps evolving and adding new jargon to its dictionary pages. Discover the vocabulary of surfing and learn new words: Aerial - a surf maneuver where a surfer hits the crest of the wave and flies through the air;

Surfline Surfing Glossary, Surfing Names, Terms and Phrases

    Complex small-wave maneuver in which both surfer and board launch into the air off the top of a wave, before dropping back down into the same wave. The surfer often grabs a rail of the surfboard...


    Apr 29, 2019 · Groundswell is the type of swell surfers hope and pray for; it often creates large and powerful surf. Groundswell is created by large storm and weather systems or strong wind blowing over long distances of open ocean. Groundswell can travel for thousands of miles, and the wave energy can reach up to 1,000 feet in depth.5/5

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    SURFING TERMS & SURF SLANG A-Frame. A wave breaking both left and right. Aerial. A trick by which you jump off the surface of the wave. Backdoor. Taking a wave from behind the peak of a hollow wave and surfing through the barrel to the other side of the... Backside. The position when surfing with ...

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    Beach-Net!'s Ocean Glossary Accretion. May be either natural or artifical. Natural accretion is the buildup of land, solely by the action of the... Alongshore. Parallel to and near the shoreline. Same as longshore. A-Zone. Flood zone subject to still-water flooding during storms that have a ...

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    This glossary of surfing includes some of the extensive vocabulary used to describe various aspects of the sport of surfing as described in literature on the subject. [] [] In some cases terms have spread to a wider cultural useThese terms were originally coined by people who were directly involved in the sport of surfing.

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    Types of Ocean Waves Spilling waves are gentle waves with crests that break softly towards the shore. These waves break when the ocean floor... Plunging waves break when the ocean floor is steep or has sudden depth changes. They can be powerful barrels or enormous... A …

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    Slang from 1960's surf culture, cried out enthusiastically when surfing — The surfer's cry "Cowabunga" as they climb a 12 foot wall of water and "take the drop." Cranking. When the waves are good, it's said to be cranking. Cripples / Crips. Derogatory term for booger (see derogatory term above), knee of SUP boarders. Curtain

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