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Non Planing Gybe - YouTube

    Feb 13, 2015 · Learn how to do the non Planing Gybe Clear and simple instruction For more information on our clinics please visit our website. www.getwindsurfing.com.Author: GetWindsurfing windsurfing coaching

Pivot Jibe...? Windsurfing Forums, page 1

    I am getting seriously frustrated with this stupid ****ing pivot jibe, ive realised that i must be doing sumthing wrong, as i have to **** around with the sail for quite sumtime to start going the other direction. And for the clear reason 'Jibing is meant to allow you to maintain some speed' as when i attempt the pivot jibe, i come to a clear stop.

how to jibe a windsurf :) - YouTube

    Jun 04, 2010 · How to jibe - windsurfing. 3 small training videos in one : power jibe, advanced jibe and speed jibe. Credits to the F2 team.Author: HeliosGR

Standard Jibe Windsurfing Jibes Technique Tutorial by ...

    Learn the Standard Jibe. This windsurfing technique tutorial by Royn Bartholdi gives online step by step instructions, as well as tips, ideas, videos, how to, and suggestions. ... aggressively pulling with the mast hand to get the sail to flip around the axis of the mast with the mast foot as the pivot point. 10) ...

How to Windsurf - Lifting up the sail and starting to windsurf

    Disclaimer: I believe I should strongly advise you to get an instructor to teach you how to windsurf. Especially if it’s going to be your first attempt ever at windsurfing. Windsurfing is a very technical sport and you can make a lot of mistakes and go through a lot of frustration if you try to learn on your own or strain a friendship if you accept having a friend teach you.


    Matt led Jibe’s kite school for its first eight years, developing best teaching and safety practices and training instructors. He’s been windsurfing for 10 years; after taking over windsurf instruction for Jibe’s in 2013 Matt now loves to spend most of his time on the water with windsurfing.

Why windsurfing? Windsurfing for the rest of us

    Treat Hoofer windsurfing gear with tender loving care; It's your windsurfing area, so clean up trash even if it isn't yours; Have fun; Acknowledgements. Artwork by painter Michael O'Connell. Inspiration from the entire team of windsurfing instructors at the Hoofer Sailing Club.

The Windsurfing Mayhem Cheat Sheet - Tips Technique Help ...

    Longboard Pivot Jibe (Light Wind) Move hands back on the boom. BEND THE KNEES. Lean the rig forward and windward - Bow and arrow. Lean the rig more forward. Lean the rig more winward. Step front foot back so heels touch - Duck footed stance. Apply pressure to the windward rail. Steer board by tilting mast windward and sheeting in. KEEP THE ...

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