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LearnWake Tricks and Tips -
    The Tantrum is a basic invert but has a little different edge technique than most tricks. Check out the tips on how to get your edge just right for this invert. Learning the basic wake jumps can help your progression in the sport of wakeboarding. Bad technique can keep you from moving forward in …

Wakeboarding Progression - Lagoon Watersports
    Using the rails and obstacles adds an extra element to your wakeboarding, offering limitless progression and fun. Learn More. Air. Learn to get air on a wakeboard. This is the perfect course to introduce you to the skills and techniques required to commence air tricks or improve your existing skills. Sessions last 1 hour with a max of 2 people ...

Easiest Way To Learn New Tricks - Wakeboarding - YouTube
    May 07, 2018 · Yooooo. So I have finally arrived in Germany at Magix Wakeboarding. I've been here coaching an helping the German team learn new wake boarding tricks. Hope you enjoy the video, and tune in for ...Author: David OC

How to Wakeboard - Beginner Wakeboarding Tips evo
    Beginner Wakeboarding Tricks. Once you have the fundamentals down, learning both strong heelside and toeside turns, you can really unlock your wakeboarding progression with some beginner wakeboarding tricks. The first tricks to learn on a wakeboard are toeside one-way jumps, heelside one-way jumps, and surface 180s & switch riding.

Wakeboard Trick List
    Wakeboard tricks have some very creative names which often have nothing to do with describing the trick being performed. If you're new to wakeboarding this can be very confusing so this list is design to help you out! BASIC TERMS; Regular Stance: A rider whose dominant stance is left-foot forward.

Wakeboarding Trick List -
    The following is a list of wakeboarding and wakeskating tricks and their definitions. It is broken up into a a series of categories. Click the category to view the trick definitions. If you are new to wakeboarding we recommend you start with the Glossary. Glossary - Definitions of wakeboarding and wakeskating terms.

Wakeboarding Tricks wakeHQ
    Wakeboarding Tricks Add to your trick arsenal by trying out something new from the list below. We are constantly adding to this collection so check back again soon.

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