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kiting - Traducción al español – Linguee

    el kiteboarding significa un enorme esfuerzo para tu cuerpo. sólo deberás practicar este deporte si estás en buenas condiciones físicas, tienes buena salud y no sufres de enfermedades (ni ... Whatever your age or kiting ambitions, Ozone's Imp range has the perfect power kite to get you started in the most exciting new sport on the planet ...

Significado de KITING en el Diccionario Cambridge inglés

    kiting Significado, definición, qué es kiting: → check kiting. Aprender más.

Kiting Definition of Kiting at Dictionary.com

    Kiting definition, kiteflying. See more. Finance.. a check drawn against uncollected or insufficient funds, as for redepositing, with the intention of creating a false balance in the account by taking advantage of the time lapse required for collection.

KITING definizione, significato - che cosa è KITING nel ...

    kiting - definizione, significato, pronuncia audio, sinonimi e più ancora. Che cosa è kiting? → check kiting: Vedi di più ancora nel dizionario Inglese - Cambridge Dictionary

Urban Dictionary: Kiting

    In an MMORPG, you can grab a mob's attention and keep walking away from it which pulls it along. Not unlike a kite

What is Kiting? - Definition Meaning Example

    Definition: Kiting, also called check kiting, is a fraudulent scheme that uses checks to embezzle money from a business. Kiting is usually committed by a bookkeeper or someone else with access to company checks and the ability to forge checks, but it can also be used by the company.

Kiting financial definition of Kiting

    Kiting Used in banking to refer to the practice of depositing and drawing checks at two or more banks and taking advantage of the time it takes for the second bank to collect funds from the first bank. Also refers to illegally increasing the face value of a check by changing the numbers on the check. In the context of securities, refers to the ...

Check kiting Definition Bankrate.com

    Check kiting is the illegal process of writing a check off of a bank account with inadequate funds to cover that check. Check kiting relies on the fact that it takes banks a few days (or even ...

Kiting Definition - Investopedia

    May 07, 2019 · Kiting is the fraudulent use of a financial instrument such as a check to obtain additional credit that is not authorized. There are two variants of kiting:

Kitting Término Definición - Manufacturing

    Definición del término acrónimo utilizado en la fabricación de Kitting. Un proceso en el que los ensambladores se suministran con kits, una caja de partes, piezas y …

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