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Thruster vs. Quad Fin: What to Ride and When The Inertia

    Jan 07, 2016 · The quad fin pretty much blends attributes of the twin fin and the thruster. It adds down-the-line speed without the resistance and drag of the center fin in a thruster, but with more hold and ...

Surfboard fin setups: Single, twin, thruster, quad and 4+1

    The quad is an evolution of the twin-fin setup. It is the perfect fin setup for both small days and hollow waves that require extra speed down the line. With two lateral and two centered fins, the quad will excel in freight train conditions, or small mushy summer rollers when drag is your worst enemy. The quad has the loose feeling of a twin ...

Quad vs Thruster Fins: The Ultimate Face Off

    Riding the Quad Fin Setup Speed. Quad fins help hold and change direction even when they produce drag when surfing in a straight line. Shapers’ purpose in modeling the board is to channel the water through the back of the board. The water that hits the thruster’s tail fin slows you down.

The Top Quad Fin Sets for 2020 Cleanline Surf

    Top 5 Quad Sets. FCS II Matt Biolos Split Keel. A perfect choice for any wide tailed groveler or retro fish. The Split Keel is just how it sounds. Meaning, Matt Biolos took the outline of a large keel fin, and separated it to turn a twin fin set into a quad.

Surfboard Fin Setups: Understanding the Effects to your ...

    Quad Fin Setup. Offering some characteristics of both the twin and the thruster setups the quad fin setup is great for smaller to medium size surf. The quad setup is great for generating speed, making it perfect in small waves, the quad fins also allow for quick, …


    The quad fin can stand up to powerful waves and not falter. Because this setup doesn’t have a centre fin, there is less drag. This yields maximum speed but doesn’t sacrifice manoeuvrability. The quad setup will take a bit of getting used to. The first time you ride, it may feel a little loose. 5-FIN SURFBOARD SETUP. 5 Fin

QUAD FIN + SB POINTBREAKS (Rincon, ventura Pt. etc ...

    Jul 24, 2020 · QUAD + POINTS = SPEEEEED. Surfing a Lost 6'0 stealth tail with quad fin setup at some point breaks in the Santa Barbara / Ventura (805) area (plus a couple bonus clips). I love surfing quads when ...Author: thePOVchannel

Surfboard Fin Setups Explained Single Fin, Twin Fin ...

    Quad Fin. The four-fin set-up gets a little bit of both the characteristics of the twin fin and the thruster set-up. Quads can be great in small surf, especially if the rear fins are further up on the surfboard and closer to the rails.

Surfboard Fin Setups Compared Compare Surfboards

    Quad Fin Setup – Take a twin and then add two smaller ‘trailer’ fins behind each of them and you have a quad fin setup. If you have a need for speed, go for a quad setup. In a word, it is F A S T…and a little bit loose relative to a thruster. The quad fin setup is known for maintaining a critical arc while allowing a bit of flare in the lip.

Quad, big fins in the front or big fins at the back, by ...

    Jul 08, 2018 · Maybe surfing with larger rear fins is a good configuration for your surfing. Typically larger front fins will give you more drive but larger rear fins will reduce the tail sliding too easily. Search McKee or M4Quattro in google, this guys basically tried …

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