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Dynamite Wave Surfing QuickSilver Commercial - YouTube

    Feb 11, 2008 · This Dynamite Surfing viral video is actually a QuickSilver commercial. QuickSilver Mike Parsons Jaws Struck in tsunami Real Tsunami m10 surfboards m10 surfboards rashe m10 surfboards shaperAuthor: wealthysurfers

'Fake' surfer ad nets millions of web hits Daily Mail Online

    Inquiries by this newspaper have revealed the 'dynamite surfing' video is actually the latest 'viral' advert to capture the imagination of websurfers. It is one of a new series of adverts with an...

Dynamite Surfing - YouTube

    Mar 31, 2007 · Dynamite Surfing - some crazy kids throwing dynamite into a tiny lake around an urban setting and surfing the wave. Viral ad for QuicksilverAuthor: The Gamer Show

Saatchi & Saatchi Denmark is Creative Dynamite : News ...

    The "Dynamite Surfing" viral for Quiksilver was viewed 35 million times worldwide. Such was the cult appeal of the clip, popular TV show Mythbusters made an episode investigating the dynamite surfing phenomenon and "Dynamite Surfing" will feature as a case study in Adam Morgan's Eat the Big Fish 2.

splendAd - Quiksilver - Dynamite Surfing

    Description This ad depicts a group of people making their own waves with a few sticks of dynamite in the center of Copenhagen so one of their friends can grab a couple of waves. This commercial became an instant viral hit as people watched the video over and over again to try to tell if it was real or fake.

Viral Advertising: Thinking Globally, Acting Globally ...

    May 06, 2010 · The video “Dynamite Surfing” was a creative viral advertisement Saatchi & Saatchi developed for Quiksilver’s new campaign, Original Thinking, specifically geared for the Nordic consumer. By the end of the first week online, the video had been viewed more than 6 million times and generated tremendous global publicity for the surf brand.

Surfing and Advertising What a Laugh - Zigzag Magazine

    Jan 17, 2019 · Surfing commercials can also be controversial. Quiksilver’s “Dynamite Surfing” viral video spread rapidly but was heavily criticized, too. We must admit that using explosives to make waves is a straight up stupid ass idea, so please don’t try that shit. Bellow are but a few little corkers we pulled from the depths of the interwebs.

The best surfing commercials ever - The Ultimate Surfing ...

    Quiksilver's "Dynamite Surfing" viral video spread rapidly but was heavily criticized, too. We must admit that using explosives to make waves is an unorthodox way of selling surf wear. Many brands are exploring the potential of surfing in modern advertising. What are the most famous commercials in which surfing takes the main stage?

Quicksilver dynamite surfing viral - Видео клипове - BGflash

    Етикети: quicksilver dynamite surfing viral куиксилвар куиксилвър динамит

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