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Rusty Wake Surfboards
    Rusty Wake Surfboards Rusty's line of wakesurf models are perfectly engineered to allow you maximum performance on the face of a wake. Check out some of our models here!

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    The wider outline and flatter rocker make this board very fast. The concave deck packs more volume in the board while keeping your center of gravity low. The rails are closely related to a small-wave ocean surfboard with a sharp, low apex towards the...

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    The Urchin is a new twin fin wakesurf with a speed-generating venturi bottom. The aggressive rails and hard wings gives this board plenty of pop above the lip. the Urchin combines the easy ride of a twin fin fish with the responsive double concave bottom in a high performance surf style shape.

2020 Gear Guide Rusty Surfboards - Alliance Wakeboard
    Rusty has been pumping out quality surf style boards for several years now. Fortunately for us, we have them in our backyard and get to work closely with them each season. However, this year we were totally surprised by the performance style soft top shape that showed up at our door. We are no strangers to the soft top world so we were excited to see a performance model.

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    Josh’s go-to board in bigger surf. He used it in Fiji, Tahiti, and the Pipe Masters in the 2013 campaign. Part of the Kerrlection series, the slayer is designed as …

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    The Mi Amigo is a high performance board with an old foil revisited. The rocker is relaxed at both ends and the template has a 2.5 inch difference in width between the nose and tail.

Build a Custom Rusty Surfboard
    The purpose of having models is to create a starting point for a design. Many board builders will encourage you to get stock dimensions. It's easier. Which is fine…some of the time. The beauty of working one on one with me/Rusty is that I am your imagination with council.

Volume Calculator Rusty Surfboards
    Not sure what size board you should be riding? Check out our volume recommendation chart find out the recommended board volume based on your skill level and size.

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    Tow outs, acid drops, massive punts to flats, high speed motorbike crashes, all reckless abandonment. This clip has it all. It may only be 5 minutes long, but if you're like us you might just have...

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