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    The green room (also known as "tube" or "barrel"; referring to the room that forms “inside the wave” as it breaks very hollow) is without doubt the ultimate goal and favorite location of every surfer.

Getting in the Green Room - The Zen of Surfing and Speaking
    Sep 29, 2009 · In surfing, the green room is the inside of a barrel that is produced by a wave. This term was coined due to the color of light reflected into the barrel. This moment of being inside the barrel of the wave is described as the ultimate zen surfing experience. The Utne reader just published an article called The Zen of Surfing.Author: Sarah Gershman

Urban Dictionary: Green Room
    Green Room A room that performers wait in before they go on stage. It is usually a small room that has a couch and is close to the stage. It is very rarely painted green!

Green Room - Indian Surf Generation
    Jul 23, 2014 · Green Room - Indian Surf Generation. Written by Abhishek Khan 23 July 2014. Meet the first generation of Indian surfers taking the sport further. Green Room - Indian Surf GenerationAuthor: Abhishek Khan

The Extended Glossary of Surfing Terms and Slang ...
    Sep 07, 2018 · Green room – the inside of a barrel Grom – a young surfer, usually under 16; also known as a grommet Grubbing – falling off the surfboard while surfing Gun – a big wave surfboard

Surfing Terms, Talk, Phrases and Slang - Over 260 Entries!
    If the surf is really good, you could say it's going off. Goober. Derogatory term for a longboard or a longboarder. Goofy / Goofy Foot. Surfing with your right foot forward. Green Room. Inside the tube or barrel. Gremmie / Grommet / Grom. Any of the above can be used to describe a young or inexperienced surfer.

6 Things You Definitely Need To Know About Surfing Green ...
    Once you’ve perfected your pop on these smaller waves, it can seem a bit daunting to head out further back and try for the unbroken ‘green waves’ with the real surfers. If you’re wanting to get out of the baby pool and ride with the big kids, follow our steps, you’ll be catching those waves in no time.

Surfing Green
    Help Clean, Surf Green! Sustainable and functional surfing alternatives. Products. Boards Shaping & Glassing Surf Gear Alaias and Paipos Hollow Wood Surfboards Recycled Plastic Fins Bio Surfboard Lamination Pause slideshow Play slideshow. Alaias and Paipos ...

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