The Best Surfing In Florida

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Florida's Best Surf Spots VISIT FLORIDA
    Florida has dozens of good surf breaks south of Sebastian Inlet, but the most famous is undoubtedly Palm Beach's Reef Road. One of the few places in the state where the surf can achieve true "big wave" status, Reef Road can max out at 15 feet. It's known by many as the best surfing in Florida.

The Best Places to Go Surfing in Florida
    Sep 30, 2017 · Probably the best surfing spot in Florida, Reef Road has a reputation for some of the largest waves, long barrels, and crystal waters. Parking can be a bit of a challenge as the break is located in near some of the most expensive real estate in the country, where parking is prohibited.Author: Michele Marin

Best time for Surfing in Florida 2020 - Best Season & Map ...
    Florida's Atlantic coastline can't compete with the West coast or Hawaii as a surfing destination. Even though there are a few good quality surf spots, the swells are rather inconsistent. If you are a beginner it is a good place to learn, as there are plenty of great beaches and easy beach breaks. T

What You Should Know About Surfing Florida
    Feb 25, 2019 · Most Florida surf spots are sand bottom beach breaks. Winter is the most consistent surf season but also the windiest and coldest time for surfing (average winter temps range from 50 to 70 degrees). Large low pressures off Maine can produce some long period juice and if …

Surfing Florida: A Guide including a Surf Spot Map
    Florida Surf Spot Map Crocket and Tubbs once said that the surf in Florida is the best in the world (they didn't really, we just made this up).Florida's Atlantic coastline is home to some quality surf spots but unfortunately the swells it gets are pretty inconsistent.

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