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Surfing Guide for the Big Island Hawaii
    These would be good spots to keep an eye on: Kahalu’u (in Kona) is a good place for surfing and a GREAT spot for snorkeling . This bay is a good place for beginners... Banyans (in Kona) is a popular surf spot a few miles from downtown Kona. This is a local spot and only for experienced... Honoli’i ...

Surfing on the Big Island
    Jul 19, 2020 · Hawaii Island, the Big Isle, with its warm, clear waters and year-round surf attracts an endless stream of surfers. Learning how to surf is a rewarding adventure. There are lessons, camps, and clinics available for those who want to try.

Surfing on Hawaii Island Big Island Surfing Go Hawaii
    Surfing was literally the "Sport of Kings" in Hawaii, reserved only for the alii (royalty). Today on the island of Hawaii, you can either watch this exciting sport from the safety of the shore or experience the rush of catching a wave yourself by taking a surfing lesson. Many beaches on the island of Hawaii are suited for more experienced surfers.

Big Island Surfing - Where to Surf on the Big Island
    When surfing the Big Island Hawaii at Kahaluu Beach look out for the three tiers of surf sweeping over the lagoons and reefs. The beach is a small and sheltered rugged bay with a dark strip of sand great for taking a breather. For bigger waves head out further. Big Island Hawaii surfing for beginners is best slightly after the snorkeling lagoon.

Big Island Surfing - Best Beaches for Surfing on Hawaii Island
    BIG ISLAND SURFING Honolii is a very popular Big Island surfing spot. North of Hilo, it has limited streetside parking and a series of steps leading down the hillside to the beach, but ultimately visitors are rewarded with fun waves and a great place to sunbathe.

Surfing On The Big Island Hawaii I Love Hawaii
    When the first wave of Polynesian settlers voyaged to the Hawaiian Islands, the shore of the Big Island is the first place they set foot. This truly makes the Big Island the original home of surfing, which was invented by ancient Hawaiians. With tons of killer breaks, you needn’t to go far to discover why the Big Island is a great place to surf.

Big Island Surf Reports and Surfing -
    Whilst Oahu usually grabs the surf history limelight, Polynesian immigrants probably initiated surfing at Kealakekua Bay centuries ago, making the Big Island the birthplace of surfing and the aloha spirit.

Big Island Surf - Big Island Hawaii
    Most of my Big Island surf experience is on the Kona side of the Island (the West coast). The Hilo side (the East coast) is the windward side where most of the weather comes from. The sunny Kona side has a lot of great places for beginners to enjoy the Big Island surf and some places that beginners should avoid. Big Island Surf Spots

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