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    Wakeboarding News: Grabs. Grabs are the essence of boardsports which really allow riders to define their style. A grab is performed when a rider grabs the board in various locations with their hand. For trick tip help, please see the Trick List.

Wakeboarding Trick List - Wakeboarder.com

    Click the category to view the trick definitions. If you are new to wakeboarding we recommend you start with the Glossary. Glossary - Definitions of wakeboarding and wakeskating terms. Surface Tricks - Tricks performed while the rider is not in the air. Grabs - The various names and places a rider can grab the board while in the air.

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    The rider often grabs different parts of the board using hands. Except the board skills, there are different grabs a rider can perform − Indy Grab − The most famous grab technique where the rider holds the toe edge between own feet using back hand.. Nose grab − Here, the rider uses the forward hand to grab the nose part of the board.. Nuclear grab − Here, the rider grabs the nose of ...

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    May 08, 2016 · When you brea down the method, it's not that hard, and it looks damn cool!!! Hopefully this helps you out with it and best of luck!! Andreas Augustinius Chan...

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    Mar 24, 2020 · Wakeboarding is fun—really fun—but figuring out how to first get up on a wakeboard can sometimes present quite a challenge. With a little patience and a couple of minutes spent studying these tips, you’ll be riding the wakes in no time. Before we go into the …

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    Rocker is simply the curve or arc profile of the board. There are two predominant types of rocker lines in wakeboarding: three-stage and continuous. Boards with more rocker have softer landings and more abrupt pop off the wake, while boards with less rocker have less drag, carry more momentum upon landing, and glide better across the water.


    May 07, 2019 · JB ONeill and James Boggia perform grabbed wakeboard tricks from the transworld snowboarding grab directory.Author: JB ONeill

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    Mar 28, 2020 · Wakeboarding boots, also known as bindings, go on your feet and hook onto your wakeboard so you’re held in place during your ride. Look for a stiffer, less flexible pair of boots for when you’re just starting out. It will be …Views: 243K

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    If you know how to spin, are attempting new tricks, stomping inverts or wakeboarding while juggling horseshoes you probably want to look at advanced-expert wakeboards. In general, these wakeboards have aggressive continuous or 3-stage rockers and are less forgiving. Advanced-Expert Wakeboards are often rider pro models.

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