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Veteran Surf
    Veteran Surf is a Traffic Exchange created to help raise the awareness of what our men and women do for us to maintain our Freedom. It also serves to get your sites seen from all over the world. It is a Tribute to Veterans, both Past and Present. It is also a Memorial to those that have given the Ultimate Sacrifice. It may be designed about Veterans.

Warrior Surf Foundation
    By Guiding Veterans through the waves of life to a place of self-motivation, resilience, and mental wellbeing. SURF Therapy The unfortunate effects of war and trauma can be counteracted by using the ocean as a healing remedy.

Veteran Surf Alliance
    The Veteran Surf Alliance builds community, camaraderie and confidence through the stoke of surfing! We do this to enrich mind, body and spirit of veterans nationwide and abroad. Help Our Cause

Wounded veterans ride surfing lessons in Huntington Beach ...
    More than two dozen wounded veterans and active-duty personnel pose with their surf instructors as they arrive in Huntington Beach on Monday for the annual Operation Surf program. The event offers...

How Surfing Helps Veterans Cope with PTSD The Inertia
    Aug 14, 2017 · According to the veterans, surfing is like having PTSD “pummelled out” of their system by the force of the waves. The mental state veterans report when surfing has many parallels with what...

The SUP Veterans - Stand Up Paddleboard Surf Retreat
    Veterans share a common bond of experiences forged across the globe. This unbreakable camaraderie and trust is sometimes hard to replicate or is lost in the day to day service outside the military. Creating a retreat environment to rekindle this camaraderie and give back to those who served and support their journey, wherever they may be, is the reason for the SUP ‘n’ Surf Vets Retreat.

Healing Veterans Through Surfing - AOTA Everyday Evidence
    An estimated one fifth of veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder, and some believe that even this number underestimates the true prevalence of the disorder. An occupational therapist in California is finding that the beach and surfing can help heal PTSD and depression symptoms.

Staff Perspective: Veterans and Surfing Center for ...
    Veterans described how surfing can be an opportunity to have regular breaks from suffering. This also included breaks from finding other ways to end the suffering, such as suicide. Veterans articulated that surfing brought positive emotions through storytelling of an experience, a focus on the present, and a planned event to look forward to for help.

One More Wave - Home
    Our mission is to provide wounded and disabled veterans with customized surfing equipment and community. By equipping the veteran and connecting them to our global community of surfing volunteers; OMW enables the veterans to achieve surf therapy all over the world.

Veteran Surf
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