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    The proper wakeboard rope length will put the rider just in front of the point where the wake turns from a clean ramp into mushy whitewater, usually between 65’ and 85’ depending on ability, speed, and the size of the wake. If you were to look at your wake from above, you’d notice that it fans out from the back of your boat like a ‘V’.

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    Sep 16, 2008 · I just picked up my first wakeskate (Hyperlite Vinyl 108) and am wondering about boat speed and rope length. I saw some young guys wakeskating yesterday and it looked like a VERY short rope- maybe 40 or 50' tops.

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    May 11, 2016 · 2) Use a rope length you're comfortable with. My rope is usually at about 72 (due to a wrap I added). I found that at 23 mph and around 72 feet, I'm usually in the sweet spot of the wake (on lots of decently weighted boats), able to get lots of hang time and still take my weaker tricks wake to wake consistently.

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    Jul 16, 2020 · Action Water Sports - Wakeboarding Rope Length and Boat Speed Guide. All Action Water Sports locations and showrooms are open to the public. For any questions, you may contact us here. ... Join us for a quick tutorial about wakeboarding rope length and the appropriate boat speed …

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    Aug 30, 2012 · Once you learn how to get pop, then a normal rope length would be about 65-75. For speed, we recommend starting about 14mph but that will vary with different boats. For the most part, we have found that 13-15 is a very good speed for beginners.

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    Sep 27, 2019 · Explore the some of the best Wakeboard Speed and Rope Length for Beginners available online. These Wakeboard Speed and Rope Length for Beginners has been picked from the highest rated customer reviews online. Go through the Wakeboard Speed and Rope Length for Beginners description and reviews. If it is matching your requirement then you can […]

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    Aug 15, 2018 · Medium Rope Length (60-70ft) Medium-Slow Speed (16-19mph) For this movement, you’re going to go a little faster and shorten your rope length a bit. During this portion of the 360, you should be at a rope length of around 60 to 70 feet.

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    The length of your wakeboard rope can vary from 55 to 75+ feet depending upon your experience level, boat wake and personal preference. A good wakeboarding rope length for a beginner to start with is around 65 feet. Wake shape and width can vary greatly, so the right rope length is key.

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