Wakeboarding Risk

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Risk Assessment Water Skiing & Wakeboarding April 2017

    Risk Assessment Water Skiing & Wakeboarding April 2017; Risk Assessment Water Skiing & Wakeboarding April 2017. Hazards. Probable injury or Reason. Person at risk. Current control measures. Action required. Actioned by/date. Probability x …

Wakeboarding - Active & Safe

    Potential risk factors for wakeboarding injury include: environment, equipment, level of experience, education, and fitness. Environment. Inclement weather and water conditions, or wakeboarding in restricted areas is a risk factor for injury. Level of Experience.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Wakeboarding

    Wakeboarding is an increasingly popular sport that involves aggressive stunts with high risk for lower extremity injury, including anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture. Little has been reported on prevalence or mechanism of ACL injury while wakeboarding.The ...Cited by: 1

Jet Ski Wakeboarding: The Pros and Cons & a Beginner’s ...

    May 02, 2020 · A three-seater jet ski: Most state regulations require that your jet ski must be rated for at least three riders – the driver, observer, and retrieved tow rider.This is an important regulation to keep in mind while looking to buy a jet ski for tow sports! Required on-board observer: Many states require having a second person on-board to act as an observer, with some further stating the ...

Is Wakeboarding Hard? Not If You Do It The Right Way!

    Once you master going wake to wake, learning advanced wakeboarding maneuvers like spins and inverts is particularly challenging due to the risk of injury they carry. The higher boat speeds and longer rope these tricks require add to the chances of getting hurt.

Wakeboard vs. Wakeskate - InspiredBySports

    Wakeboarding or Wakeskating? There’s one thing that we’re sure of: It’s both a lot of fun and both sports have their advantages and disadvantages. We recommend for you to try wakeboarding and wakeskating a couple of times and to find out yourself which one is the ultimate fun for you!

ACL Injuries Common in Wakeboarders The Active Times

    Oct 26, 2012 · A new study published in the journal Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach suggests that wakeboarding may be one of the most dangerous activities for your knees. A few sports are notorious for ACL—or anterior cruciate ligament—tears, such as soccer and skiing. However, the numbers from a poll of semi-professional and professional wakeboarders represent some of the …

WakeCoaches Professional Wakeboard Coaching

    Former content editor at Wakeboarding Magazine, production director at LearnWake, contributing instructor at Boating Magazine, and senior coach at The Wakeboard Camp. Specializes in: • All levels, ages, and abilities • Psychological training • Boat driving and safety • Reducing risk of injury • Creating personalized targeted drills ...

Low Impact Wakeboarding Good Times - YouTube

    Oct 31, 2018 · Too often people think they need to go for the biggest air they can get to have fun on their wakeboard. There are so many other things you can do to enjoy yourself without even leaving the …

Wakeboard Camps: Summer Camp for Wakeboarding Kids

    Wakeboarding summer camps cover the history of the sport, orientation, safety, hand signals, wakeboarding terms, and practical wakeboarding. Camps have programs for all skill levels and ages. Wakeboarding summer camps are staffed by pro and semi-pro riders who focus on the mechanics of wakeboarding, balance, maneuverability, and water safety.

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