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    The proper wakeboard rope length will put the rider just in front of the point where the wake turns from a clean ramp into mushy whitewater, usually between 65’ and 85’ depending on ability, speed, and the size of the wake. If you were to look at your wake from above, you’d notice that it fans out from the back of your boat like a ‘V’.

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    Ensuring safety in the water when wakeboarding at high speed depends on using a reliable harness and tow rope. Wakeboard ropes and water ski ropes are often mistaken for one another, however. But one distinct characteristic sets them apart: quality wakeboard ropes have no stretch.

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    Wakeboarding rope and handles are made of different materials. Some are made with Spectra, some with Dyneema, while others are designed with polyester. These materials are different in their looks and performance. For instance, ropes intended with spectra have zero-stretch are durable, ultra-lightweight, and effortlessly floats on water.

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    Just as rope type differs between wakeboarding and waterskiing, so do wakeboarding handles. Wakeboard handles are more specialized; offering more features aimed at making tricks and aerials easier. Wakeboard handles tend to have a wider grip than waterskiing handles. Ranging from 13-15 (in) in width.

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    The length of your wakeboard rope can vary from 55 to 75+ feet depending upon your experience level, boat wake and personal preference. A good wakeboarding rope length for a beginner to start with is around 65 feet. Wake shape and width can vary greatly, so the right rope length is key.

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    Watersports are a great way for family and friends to spend time on the water and Airhead tow ropes are here to help. Every watersport has its own specific type of rope to compliment the activity – and Airhead is the lead manufacturer of tow ropes in the world. Airhead tube ropes are 50-60 feet in length and include a convenient rope keeper for tangle-free storage.

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