What Is A Good Speed For A Kiting Rifter

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The Rifter: A Great Ship to Learn PVP FactionWarfare.com

    Feb 11, 2016 · The Rifter can also use its repairer as a way to take full advantage of its balanced resists. The other T1 frigates beat out the Rifter in certain aspects, but lose out in many others. The Amarr Executioner has better DPS of 110 and max speed 1012, but a little over half the amount of tank than that of the Rifter.

[Guide] Wensley's Rifter Guide - The Tuskers

    Dec 21, 2008 · The main strengths of the Rifter for PvP are its speed and slot layout. The four high slots allow you to fit three turrets and have a utility slot for a launcher or some other module. The three medium slots allow you to fit a propulsion mod, warp jammer, and stasis webifier giving you speed and the ability to hold your target in place.

EVE Search - EVE Tactics - Kiting vs. Orbiting

    Jan 14, 2009 · EVE Tactics - Kiting vs. Orbiting ... Adjust your speed to keep the enemy in the kill zone for your weapon. If you start missing them - you are to far away. If they are hitting you to much - you are to close. Looking at the show info for each combination of ammo with your weapons will give you a good idea what ranges to engage in but experience ...

Solo PvP - EVE University Wiki

    Jan 01, 2020 · A good Kiting ship who is already inside a plex is very difficult to kill, as they will orbit the beacon well outside of scram range, and closing them down is very challenging. A ship such as a Tormentor with beam lasers can switch to long range ammo to damage the kiting ship at range, but without the ability to close range and get tackle, the ...

Rifter or slasher? - Warfare & Tactics - EVE Online Forums

    Apr 12, 2013 · Slasher is a good ship. Rifter is largely obsolete now but its still not to bad IMHO. Look for rifter Drifter or an old blog for decent fittings. But tbh the joy of the rifter is you can build it however the heck you want. Shield, armor, nos, neut, rockets. Skirmisher or brawler.

Evaluating Ships' Attributes/Fitting - New Citizens Q&A ...

    Jul 17, 2018 · A Rifter can also be fitted for speed. However, a Slasher has higher base speed compared to the Rifter… meaning that the same “speed” loadout used on a Rifter will be more optimal on a Slasher… provided that the modules used actually fit on the Slasher. ... So, the Navy Slicer is an Amarrian fast kiting ship that rewards a good pilot ...

How would you fit a Firetail for PvP : Eve

    The good news is that there is a great alternative, the firetail. Thanks to a price crash due to Faction Warfare these ships now hover around 10 million isk, about 20 million isk fitted. This is about twice the price fitted as a Rifter. Why is this ship so much more viable than a Rifter…

What is good beginner solo PVP ship? :: EVE Online General ...

    Rifter. The rifter is actually not half bad as a bigginer pvp ship with all the different ships rocking around and the diversaty you have the chance at a good fight most of the time. Thats just the most obvious of the T1 frigates but to be honest now days 90% of the T1 frigs available will do PVP quite well.

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