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Whirlybird - Wakeboarding Tricks and Tips - Whirlybird

    The Whirlybird is one of the "prettier" tricks in the sport of wakeboarding if done right, due to it's smooth looking spin combined with a flip. It's simply a Tantrum with a Backside 360 while keeping the rope above your head instead of doing a handle pass.

Wakeboard Trick List

    An air Whirlybird. Shaun Murray: Vulcan: A S-Bend with a frontside 180. Parks Bonifay: Whirlybird: A tantrum with a backside 360 performed by rotating the handle above the head. Parks Bonifay: Whirlybird 540: Parks Bonifay: Double Whirlybird (Whirlybird 720) Parks Bonifay: Whirlydick: A Whirlybird with a handle-passed backside 360 after the ...

Wakeboard Tricks - Wake-Masters

    Crook: Whirlybird with a rewind 180 to fakie. Diesel: A toeside Front Roll with a frontside 360. Handle is rotated above the head - Invented by Todd Brendel. Discombobulator: A wrapped Heelside Backroll with a frontside 540 - Invented back in the ski jumping daysy Dave "Tha Dawg" Reinhart. First landed on a wakeboard by Zane Schwenk.

Wakeboard - USA Water Ski

    Wakeboard Glossary/List Of Terms. Air Raley — Rider hits the wake and fully extends his body, ... Whirlybird — A tantrum with a 360 degree spin. Membership Services. Contact USA Wakeboard USA Water Ski Home. Article Archives. 1251 Holy Cow Road, Polk City, FL 33868-8200 (ph) 863-324-4341 (fax) 863-325-8259 ...

Basic Wakeboarding Maneuvers HowStuffWorks

    Whirlybird: This is a back roll with a full 360 degree spin. Raley: Once you hit the wake and extend your body, raise your feet and board above your head. Fakie: When you're riding backward, switch the foot that you usually place in front. For example, if you ride with your left leg in front, switch to your right leg. This is also called a switch.

Knowledge Detail How-to-wakeboard - MasterCraft

    The whirlybird may take a fair amount of work before you?re able to pull it off, and practicing the move on the trampoline may help you speed it up. Watch the video below to see what a whirlybird should look like: There are countless tricks you can learn on your wakeboard, and the more you practice, the smoother and higher you?ll be able to go.

Wakeboarding Videos - YouTube

    Justin Boston doing an Elephant on a wakeboard by Zach Burkhart. 0:23. Crow Mobe Attempt by Justin Boston. 0:20. Shifty Tail Grab by Justin Boston. 0:16. Wakeness by Justin Boston. 2:06. Justin Boston Whirlybird by Justin Boston. 0:17. Elephant on a Wakeboard by Justin Boston. 0:07. Justin Boston Wakeboard Montage #1 by Justin Boston. 3:29.

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