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    The Whirlybird is one of the "prettier" tricks in the sport of wakeboarding if done right, due to it's smooth looking spin combined with a flip. It's simply a Tantrum with a Backside 360 while keeping the rope above your head instead of doing a handle pass.

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    May 01, 2015 · Whirlybird Tech: Dealing With Tension - Duration: ... How To Crowmobe on a Wakeboard in 4 mins - Duration: 3:58. David OC 18,145 views. ... First Trick Challenge - XtremeGene - Duration: ...Author: David OC

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    Wakeboard tricks have some very creative names which often have nothing to do with describing the trick being performed. If you're new to wakeboarding this can be very confusing so this list is design to help you out! ... A Whirlybird with a rewind 180 to fakie: Shaun Murray: Crow Mobe: A toeside frontroll with a frontside 360.

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    Whirlybird − In this trick, the rider needs to perform a tantrum and while performing the backflip takes a 360º back-side spin without altering the hand on the handlebar. So basically it is a …

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    Wakeboard Bindings: How Do I Choose Wakeboard Bindings? 6) OLLIE. Ollie is a great beginners wakeboarding trick to learn as it’s a jumping off point for much more difficult tricks. You can always try these by jumping over a buoy, like Protest rider Sjors van de Kerkhof’s tutorial above.

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    Crook: Whirlybird with a rewind 180 to fakie. Diesel: A toeside Front Roll with a frontside 360. Handle is rotated above the head – Invented by Todd Brendel. Discombobulator: A wrapped Heelside Backroll with a frontside 540 – Invented back in the ski jumping days by Dave « Tha Dawg » Reinhart. First landed on a wakeboard by Zane Schwenk.

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    May 13, 2019 · This trick involves a toeside front roll as well as a frontside 360. It is an easy move trick that can be done on a wakeboard, and if done properly, the watchers will be impressed. The trick can be performed without the need for gaining plenty of air. You can even opt to perform it without a mid-air handle-pass if you are a beginner.

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    A big innovation in wrapped tricks came when Randy Harris invented the double wakeboard handle - the Vandall Handle. 3.) Inverts Inverts are tricks that consist of the riding going upside down while in the air. NOTE: Inverts containing a handle-pass are in a seperate section called Handle-Pass Inverts. For trick tip help, please see the Trick List.

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    Watch this trick as a Quicktime Movie. Cut out wide as if you're going to perform a very aggressive heelside wake jump. Wait for the boat to start to pull you back in and start edging aggressively and build a lot of speed towards the wake.

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