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Glossary of Basic White Water Kayaking Terms - Mind Body ...

    Nov 19, 2008 · White water: White water is formed when flowing water mixes with air forming aerated water. On rivers white water is formed when water flows over obstacles such as rocks in the riverbed or when the gradient of a river increases, quickening the flow and creating turbulence. White Water Kayak: A kayak specifically designed for maneuvering in ...

Glossary of Surfing Terms and Surf Slang Surf Lingo ...

    Jun 28, 2020 · White water – a broken, foamy wave. Wipeout – falling off a wave while surfing. Worked– getting knocked off by a wave and then being in the washing machine. We hope you found our glossary of surfing terms useful! It’s a great tool for beginners to use when learning how to surf. Cristina helped put the original post together and Wave ...

The Glossary of Surfing Terms and Surf Slang

    Surfing is a rich sport when it comes to terms, names, expressions, and technical words. Surfer slang and surfer lingo represent an authentic dictionary of surfing words. The surfing glossary of terms is a complete list of expressions used by surfers in the waves, at the beach, and outside in the real world.

Waves, Rivers, and Surf Machines roducts WhiteWater West

    We have been building waves for over 30 years, and have installed over 400 wave pools, wave rivers, and stationary surf simulators in almost every corner of the globe. From playing with friends in the wave pool to chilling out on a lazy river, these are high capacity water park essentials.

Surfing Terms, Talk, Phrases and Slang - Over 260 Entries!

    Slang from 1960's surf culture, cried out enthusiastically when surfing — The surfer's cry "Cowabunga" as they climb a 12 foot wall of water and "take the drop." Cranking. When the waves are good, it's said to be cranking. Cripples / Crips. Derogatory term for booger (see derogatory term above), knee of SUP boarders. Curtain

20 Amazing White Water Rafting Trips in the USA ...

    From high-energy rapids to laid-back river floats, we’re on a mission to find the white water rafting trips you'll love in the USA. This is choose-your-own-adventure, whether you want to perfect your river surfing skills, or just hit the water for sun and swimming. Not that summertime’s the only time to head to the river. America’s best white water rafting is powered by melting snow, dam ...

Terminology for Advanced Whitewater River Features

    Mar 18, 2017 · A strainer in whitewater refers to an obstruction in the water, usually a collection of debris or tree branches, where the river is constricted while flowing through it. Strainers strain the river from things that are floating or submerged in it, including swimmers. Stay away from strainers.

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