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The women who coined the expression "Surfing the Internet"

    The Adventures of Captain Internet and CERF Boy Jean Polly is often credited with coining the famous expression "surfing the internet." But according to Ron Mion, the architect of the marketing strategy for the IBM Personal Computer, the concept was originally published five months before her article.

Who coined the term surfing the net - Answers

    Jean Armour Polly is credited with the term "surfing the Internet" which is now shortened to be "surfing the net".

Jean Armour Polly - Wikipedia

    Coining the phrase has since been attributed to internet pioneer Mark McCahill, who used the same phrase months earlier in February 1992.

Internet History Timeline: ARPANET to the World Wide Web ...

    Jun 27, 2017 · The phrase "surfing the Internet" is popularized. 1993: The number of websites reaches 600 and the White House and United Nations go online. …

Where did the phrase "Surfing The Web" come from? Yahoo ...

    Nov 28, 2007 · "There is a lot to be said for surfing the internet with gopher from anywhere that you can find a phone jack." 'Surfing the net' came later the same year, …

Surfing - Wikipedia

    These terms were originally coined by people who were directly involved in the sport of surfing. Learning. Many popular surfing destinations have surf schools and surf camps that offer lessons. Surf camps for beginners and intermediates are multi-day lessons that focus on surfing fundamentals.

The FBI Investigator Who Coined The Term 'Serial Killer' : NPR

    Dec 29, 2013 · The FBI Investigator Who Coined The Term 'Serial Killer' Robert Ressler spent his career researching crimes that were tough to understand. He thought that by figuring out how — and why ...

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