Who Has The World Record For Surfing The Biggest Wave

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Rodrigo Koxa breaks world record for largest wave ever ...

    May 01, 2018 · Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa has officially broken the world record for the world’s biggest wave ever to have been surfed, with his incredible run at Nazare beach in Portugal being recognised as a...Author: Jack de Menezes

Surfer Rides Record-Breaking Wave in Nazaré, Portugal

    Apr 30, 2018 · This wall of water has broken the world record as the largest wave ever to be surfed. Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa surfed the 80-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal. The feat took place in November 2017...

Brazilian breaks record for biggest wave surfed - CNN Video

    Apr 30, 2018 · Brazil's Rodrigo Koxa has surfed the biggest wave of the lot with a world-record 80-foot monster. Source: CNN.

A timeline of the biggest waves surfed as Rodrigo Koxa ...

    The 38-year-old is now the official Guinness World Records title holder for the Largest wave surfed (unlimited) which measured 24.38 m (80 ft). Koza rode the wave at Nazaré, Portugal, on 8 November 2017 but was awarded the Quiksilver XXL Biggest Wave award by the World Surf League (WSL) at an event in California, US, on Saturday 28 April.

The biggest wave ever recorded measured 1,720 feet

    The biggest wave ever recorded by humans was documented on July 9, 1958, in Lituya Bay, on the southeast of Alaska, when an earthquake triggered a series of events that resulted in a megatsunami. History and science books consider it to be the largest tsunami of …

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