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Jack O'Neill: Surfer Who Invented Modern Wetsuit Dies at 94

    Jun 03, 2017 · Jack O'Neill, a Northern California surfing icon who invented the modern wetsuit, ultimately propelling the sport into a worldwide phenomenon, has died at 94.

Who Invented the Wetsuit? Wetsuit Wearhouse Blog

    Google, “who invented the wetsuit,” and the first dozen results attribute the invention to O’Neill. For example, upon his death, NBC published an Associate Press article titled, “Jack O’Neill: Surfer Who Invented Modern Wetsuit Dies at 94.”

Wetsuit History - From Wool Sweaters To Heated Wetsuits ...

    Jan 15, 2007 · If you ask the average wetsuit user on the street, most would say that it was Jack O’Neill who invented the wetsuit and came up with the idea of using neoprene. Jack founded the O’Neill company together with his brother Robert O’Neill , who actually was the one in the O’Neill family that created the first wetsuit designs.

History of the Wetsuit - Divers Institute of Technology

    Feb 21, 2013 · Modern-day Wetsuit. By 1989, Body Glove invented the non-zip wetsuit. New materials such as spandex and other thermoplastic materials were developed for warm water wetsuits, since these materials provide little thermal protection. Titanium was added to some wetsuits in the 90’s and is now is a regular feature of high-end wetsuits.

The Invention of the Wetsuit Surfd

    The Creator of the Wetsuit. It is somewhat debatable as to who invented the wetsuit. In 1952, physicist from the University of California, Berkeley, Hugh Bradner, came up with the idea to create a suit that kept divers insulated during surfing.The idea was to help prevent illnesses such as, hypothermia, which surfers and divers were likely to be subjected to due to their prolonged time in cold ...

Wetsuits - History & Information Club Of The Waves

    For the vast majority a wetsuit is a must, especially if you want to surf all year round (and not die of hypothermia in the process). The wetsuit first came about in the early 1950's in California, invented by a man you must surely have heard of… Jack O'Neill (yes the guy you see in some O'Neill ads is a real person, not a gimic!). The first ...

The Short History Of Wetsuits — Surfing World

    Apr 28, 2018 · Bradner started a short-lived wetsuit company called Edco – the world’s first. But he failed to patent his invention, assuming it would go nowhere. By 1952, bodysurfer Jack O’Neill had started manufacturing wetsuits, followed shortly afterwards by the Meistrell brothers’ Body Glove. At the same time, scuba was invented. Now there were ...

Surfing giant Jack O'Neill, inventor of wetsuit, dead at 94

    Jun 03, 2017 · SANTA CRUZ — Jack O’Neill, a giant in the surfing world who invented the wetsuit, is dead. O’Neill died Friday morning surrounded by family and friends, said Dan Haifley, executive director ...

History of Wetsuits: Keeping Us Warm ... - WETSUIT MEGASTORE

    You can find many milestones and great inventions in the history of surfing.But when you start thinking about it, the one that had the greatest impact on the sport of surfing and the one that helped shape the surfing world into what it is today is the invention of a wetsuit.Wetsuits are the reason that today – surfing is a worldwide sport with worldwide audience.

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