Why Is My Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing

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How To Stop Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing? - Animal Space

    Why Is My Bearded Dragon do Glass Surfing? Looking For Your Attention; At some point, your Dragon does it just because they want your attention. In this matter, there are some indications. It can be they feel hungry and want you to refill the food bowl. They may also dance because they want you to clean up their poop.

10 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Glass Surf & How to Stop It

    What Is Glass Surfing? Glass surfing (glass dancing) is when your bearded dragon will hug the glass while paddling his back feet, trying desperately to escape. They also will run at the glass in some cases. Glass surfing is not unique to bearded dragons. Fish will swim forth and back rubbing against the side of their aquarium.

Bearded dragon glass surfing Bearded Dragon Care Info

    Although there might be various other (less serious) reasons, Bearded dragon glass surfing behaviour is considered to be caused by stress. Although many factors can contribute, the main areas to evaluate when when a Bearded dragon is showing this behaviour is the lighting, enclosure size, the temperature and quantities of food.

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