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Work-Life balance: 13 reasons why you should learn kitesurfing

    Below I’m sharing 13 reasons why kitesurfing is an awesome sport for ANYONE (there are still many misconceptions about it) and why it’s perfect for digital nomads to find the perfect work-life balance… 1. Kitesurfing doesn’t require strength. Most people who have never attempted kitesurfing think that having a lot of strength is essential.

Kitesurfing For Beginners: What Is It? Who Invented ...

    In terms of kitesurfing in the UK, there’s plenty of destinations worthy of your attention. If for example you find yourself down in Poole, Dorset, (widely considered to be the capital of UK kitesurfing), why not check in with the Poseidon Kite School.

Why Kitesurfing? 7 good reasons to start this amazing ...

    Oct 18, 2018 · Why kitesurfing? Mainly because it’s fun! Maybe the most important point of all. Gliding over the water, practicing new tricks, the sense of achievement, sessions with good friends … do I need to say more? Sure you can have a lot of fun in the gym too. But (I used go to the gym regularly!) it’s not the same kind of fun: On the one hand it ...

Do you know why kitesurfing is awesome? aquasport.tv

    Today we will give you 5 reasons why it is one of the most amazing extreme sports. Do you dare to try it? 1. You will experience good sensations. Kitesurfing is the perfect sport to put our limits to the test, and see how far we can go, without any negative consequences. There are not many people who are encouraged to practice this sport ...

The Advantages of Windsurfing - Why is Windsurfing Awesome ...

    This is my list of why I think windsurfing is awesome. It is the rational way I have come up with to explain why I love this sport so much but as with all passions, in the end there is a big emotional component which can only come from experiencing the thrill of gliding over the water and playing with the waves.

Why we do what we do... — KITE ZONE DUBAI Kitesurfing ...

    Kitesurfing in Dubai became a popular afternoon past-time of many like-minded people looking for a sanctuary away from the hectic running of day-to-day life. Dubai is a busy place and we were all looking for an escape from the daily rush, a break from routine & the rat-race.

Why Strapless Kitesurfing is overrated (or why you should ...

    Looking retrospectively on wave kitesurfing, this is what I usually recommend: H ere are 4 good reasons why strapless kitesurfing is overrated. Or a debate Strapped VS Strapless. 1. Strap More. Everybody should, especially if you’re a beginner.

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