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Surfing - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Surfing is a water sport done in the ocean or sea. The surfer uses their surfboard to catch a wave and ride in towards the shore. Surfing was invented by the Polynesians at least 4000 years ago.

Surf music - Wikipedia
    Surf music is a subgenre of rock music associated with surf culture, particularly as found in Southern California.It was especially popular from 1962 to 1964 in two major forms. The first is instrumental surf, distinguished by reverb-drenched electric guitars played to evoke the sound of crashing waves, largely pioneered by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones.Derivative forms: Garage rock, punk rock, pop punk, …

CouchSurfing - Wikipedia
    History Conception (1999–2004) Couchsurfing was conceived by computer programmer and New Hampshire native Casey Fenton in 1999, when he was 21 years old. The idea arose after Fenton found a cheap flight from Boston to Iceland but did not have lodging. Fenton hacked into a database of the University of Iceland and randomly e-mailed 1,500 students asking for a homestay.Founded: 2 April 2003 (New Hampshire …

Kiteboarding - Wikipedia
    Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing, is an action sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and sailing into one extreme sport.A kiteboarder harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water, land, or snow.. Compared to the other sailing sports, kiteboarding is both among the ...

Surfing in Australia - Wikipedia
    Surfing also gives one a chance to think and relax in an environment that decreases stress and relaxes the muscles. Demographics. There are approximately 2.5 million recreational surfers in Australia, 420,000 annual surf participants, 107 surf schools and 2,292 accredited surfing coaches. Over 1 in 10 Australians surf as a recreational activity.Governing body: Surfing Australia

Foilboard - Wikipedia
    Background Laird Hamilton, a prominent figure in the invention of big wave tow-in surfing, later discovered the foilboard's capability to harness swell energy with the use of a jet ski, pulling the rider into a wave. The stand-up design allows the rider to glide with the moving wave by harnessing the kinetic energy with the underwater swell.

Surfing – Wikipedie
    Surfing je vodní olympijský sport, při kterém je surfař na surfu unášen na nezlomené mořské vlně.Nejčastěji jsou používány surfy pro jízdu vestoje, nicméně někteří jezdí na kneeboardech (jízda na kolenou), na bodyboardech, v kajacích, na vodních lyžích nebo na vlastních tělech.. Podobné sporty, jako jsou paddleboarding a mořský kayaking, nepotřebují vlny.

Surfe – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
    O surfe [1] (aportuguesamento do termo inglês surf, também recorrente sob a forma surfing) é uma prática desportiva efetuada na superfície da água, frequentemente considerada parte do grupo de atividades denominadas esportes de aventura, [2] cuja proficiência é verificada pelo grau de dificuldade dos movimentos executados pelo surfista ao deslizar em pé na prancha de surfe ...

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