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Wind Window - Kitesurfing Handbook
    The Edge of the Wind Window is where the kite generates the least power. This is the zone used for launching and landing the kite, or for parking it in a neutral position while in the water. The Intermediate Zone is where the kite generates medium power. You will fly the kite through or in this zone when the wind strength is good and you are cruising.

How to use the Wind Window in kiteboarding
    The wind window is the fundamental theory behind kiteboarding. Kites fly within the wind window, so you must learn how to manage the edge/neutral zone, the intermediate/soft zone, and the power zone.

Kitesurfing FAQs | Kiteboarding Wind Window &#124 ...
    The Wind Window Kiteboarding FAQs: The Wind Window . What is the wind window? The wind window is the area of the sky where the kite is able to fly. If you think of half of a dome existing downwind of the flier, this will give you the basic idea. The distance to the dome's wall (back of the window) from the flier is determined by the length of ...

The Wind Window - Kiteboarding St Petersburg
    The Wind Window. Take a minute before your kite session to get familiar with the wind window. Figure out where 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock are and when you launch or land your kite, start downwind and walk into the wind about 10 degrees from your kite. Kiteboarding is easy as long as you position the kite in the proper spot along the wind window!

Wind Window New Wave Kiteboarding
    Kiteboarding wind window. Generally your instructor will take a fair amount of time teaching you to fly the entire edge of the wind window. That way, they know, that you can get the kite where you want it without being dragged or lifted. Once this is mastered, it will be time to learn to create and manage more and more power.

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