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IWT Big Wave Awards - International Windsurfing Tour ...
    Apr 10, 2020 · From the 1980’s, 90’s, 2000’s and right up to a couple of months ago, the big waves flowed in. This first year has seen many, but far from all, the great big wave rides across the whole history of our sport emerge to be seen together in one place, for the first time.

Learn To Windsurf In Waves - Windwise
    But while you’ll have seen amazing pictures, you don’t need to live in Hawaii, ‘Go Big or go home’ or be an expert to windsurf in waves. With the right guidance and especially with new super easy SUP’s and modern wave riding kit you too can ride small, medium or even large waves!

Windsurfing Board Shapes - Eric (Big "E") Mihelbergel
    The shape of your windsurfing board greatly affects how it rides. It can be designed for speed, maneuverability, control, grip, big waves, small waves, chop, and more. As with all windsurfing gear there is always a trade-off in performance. For example with sails, you can select a sail designed specifically for speed, but it will lack ...

200+ Free Windsurfing & Sea Images - Pixabay
    Windsurfing Big Waves. 37 43 4. Sunset Surfer Surfing. 41 13 35. Windsurfing Sea Beach. 12 10 0. Windsurfing Surfer Surf. 15 18 0. Windsurfing Surfing. 12 10 7. Water Sports Kiting. 10 8 1. Windsurfing Surfer. 21 9 18. Windsurfing Sea Beach. 12 11 1. Windsurfing Water Sports. 3 0 2. Sunset Red Sky. 11 9 1. Windsurfing Wave Sea. 12 7 1. Water ...

Windsurfing Gear – Big Winds
    Welcome to the Big WInds Windsurf Shop! Big WInds has been the go-to place for windsurfing boards, windsurf sails, rig components, windsurf foiling gear, and, of course, used windsurfing equipment - for over 30 years! Get advice from experienced experts every day!

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