Windsurfing Dakhla Lagoon

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Windsurf at Dakhla Lagoon - Speed and freestyle with ...
    Start windsurf in Dakhla, in the best conditions ... You can enjoy one of the most beautiful situation for the practice of this discipline. Constant winds and water without chop. The lagoon is a …

ION CLUB Dakhla Lagoon - Marocco Best of Windsurf ...
    Dakhla is a small town around 1000 km south of Essaouira, located on a 48 km long and 4 km wide peninsula which stretches into the Atlantic Ocean, creating a huge lagoon. The location of our ION CLUB Windsurf and Kitesurf Center is on the north-eastern coast of that peninsula.

WINDSURFING Dakhla Attitude Hotel
    Dakhla is a perfect windsurfing destination offering 330 windy days a year, flat water and a uncrowded lagoon. The Dakhla lagoon is a perfect place for all levels from beginner to experts. Close to the shore the water is flat and further out the water is quite choppy so it is perfect for advanced riders to practice chop hops or even advanced ...

Windsurf Dakhla
    At 30km from the city and 10km from the sea, you find a wonderful blue lagoon with an incredible windstatistic….a true windsurf paradise. The wind stats in this expanse are just amazing so you can sail the whole year in Dakhla (even in December & January, the lowest wind season, it is still 60% reliable)!!

Spot • Freak Surf Dakhla - Windsurfing Dakhla Western Sahara
    The Dakhla lagoon is a world class windsurf spot for all levels from beginner to professional. Close to the beach there are perfect flat water conditions while further out the water is choppy. It is the best playground to learn your first chop hop or even the latest freestyle moves.

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