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The different types of windsurfing fins - Surfertoday
    Tuttle Box: a very strong model used in slalom windsurfing; Deep Tuttle Box: the most common type used in Formula windsurfing; More than 95 percent of windsurfers use the following fin types: Freeride Fin: a fin with a lot of area, slightly bent towards the back for better maneuverability;

Windsurfing Fins Basics - EASY SURF Shop
    Looking at the construction of fins you will also notice different shapes of their bases. This is due varied types of fin boxes in windsurfing boards. Longer fins need deeper and stiffer seating in the board. The shortest ones usually have to fit in very thin tails, so there is not too much space (and need) for bigger bases.

Powerbase / Powerbox Windsurfing Fins : Isthmus Sailboards
    Powerbase / Powerbox Windsurfing Fins : Isthmus Sailboards. Menu. Windsurf Packages. Entry Level Windsurfing Packages. Longboard Windsurfing Packages. Wind SUP Cross Over Packages. Inflatable Wind SUP Cross Over Packages. Inflatable Windsurfing Packages. Rigs.

Base – Sonntag Custom Carbon Fins for windsurfing
    Most boards produced for competition/performance windsurfing are equipped with different versions of the so called Tuttle boxes that were initially designed by Larry Tuttle (Waterat Sailing Equipment, Watsonville-CA) in 1985. The standard version for fins up to a length of 42-44cm is called Tuttle-base and has a base height of around 50mm.

Windsurf - Windsurfing Bases & Extensions - Page 1 ...
    Kayaks, Kayak Fishing, standup, paddle boards, paddleboards, windsurfing and kiteboarding gear, wakeboards, water skis, sailboats, yacht toys, resort toys. Fort ...

Windsurfing Fin - Wavelink
    The system incorporated in a fin determines the type of fin and its purpose. Normally there are four types of systems used in designing windsurfing fins. 1. Tuttle Box: A tuttle box fin system comprises of aligned sides and a fin base which measures 1.60cms. The tuttle box fins fit snugly on the sides and its front and rear angles determine the depth of the fin.

Windsurf fin info & size chart - WINDANCE Boardshop
    In general Poly/vinyl-ester fins are softer and G-10 fins are stiffer. See above Long vs Short & Stiff vs Soft section. Adding carbon layers makes the fin even stiffer. Molded fins use different materials that are added or removed to control flex.

Windsurfing Bases and Extensions : Isthmus Sailboards
    We offer a wide variety of bases, extensions and mast base parts from; Aeron, Chinook, Streamlined, Bic, Neil Pryde, Exocet, Epic, North, Mistral and more. From basic parts to a full line up of performance oriented bases and extensions to custom specialty parts for older model windsurfing boards, Isthmus Sailboards has the best options, prices and availability in the windsurfing market.

BLACK PROJECT G10 Windsurfing Fins From Maui
    Windsurfing fins – Black Project makes the best windsurf fins for all windsurfing disciplines. Speed fins, slalom fins, racing fins, freewave fins, freeride fins, freestyle fins, weed fins, shallow water fins and wave fins. Black Project fins are designed to improve the performance and extend the range of your favorite windsurf board so that ...


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