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How to Avoid Spin Out and Causes
    Spin out: the situation in which the flow of the water along the fin breaks off causing the board to slide sideways or at an angle to the sailing direction. So there you are, planing along, flying over the water and enjoying the sensation of speed when suddenly the aft end of the board slides away from under you. The result of a spin out will vary depending on the circumstances.

rec.windsurfing FAQ - Spinout
    rec.windsurfing FAQ - Spinout Last update: 25 March 2000 Introduction There you are, sailing along, powered up in some conditions a little beyond where you've been before, you hit a little chop and then WHAT THE @%#*?! Did I break off my fin?!

Spinout - common causes Windsurfing Forums, page 1
    I had some major problems with spinout on my 105l board with a 32cm freeride fin and 6.6m sail, especially in choppy water. The solution for me was more downhaul on the sail (making the leech floppy down to the 3rd or 4th batten instead of just to the 2nd), and that's reduced spinout …

underwater footage of windsurfing fins (slalom, formula ...
    Aug 29, 2014 · underwater footage of windsurfing fins (slalom, formula, jibe and spin out) ... SpinOut - Windsurf - Duration: ... fin, mast base on slalom board? - Duration: 3:38. TWS Tenerife Windsurf Solution ...Author: Luka Mratovic CRO751

Robert's Windsurfing Spot - Tips - Spin outs
    If you can control your sail in the conditions you're in, but you spinout easily, or can't point as high as you want to, you need MORE fin. If the board is getting squirrely, trying to fly on its own, leaving you overpowered and out of control, you need LESS fin (and maybe less board, too).

Spin-Out: Your Fin or Your Sail? - Eric (Big "E") Mihelbergel
    Without the fin our windsurfing board would mostly drift sideways from the side force of the sail. The board would provide a little bit of opposing side force to resist the sideways drift, but not enough to effectively thrust the board forward. So we need to select a fin with the proper overall character to match the sail and board we are using.

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