Windsurfing Footstraps Setup

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How to install the windsurfing footstraps
    However, we've listed the major rules of thumb in the theory of footstrap adjustment: 1. Beginner and intermediate windsurfers should move footstraps to the middle and front of the board; 2. If you're planing, footstraps should be put more to the front to increase the surface of the board in contact ...

    Windsurfing quick tips with Sam Ross.. ‘Over the Years Boards have become shorter, hence the way we get into our footstraps has also changed. So Sam’s coaching Tips …

Footstraps - Jem Hall Windsurfing Clinics
    Generous straps to allow feet into the footstraps smoothly. Long lines enable you to move your weight to keep the rig upright and will hugely extend your wind range and give you way less catapults whilst also making hooking in and out way easier.

How to Windsurf - The Footstraps
    A prerequisite to using the footstraps usually is knowing how to plane when windsurfing. The main difficulty we are faced with is the actual position of the footstraps on the board. They are much further back than our basic windsurfing stance.

Footstraps Set Ups
    Only by positioning the footstraps the correct way will you be able to gybe, jump high, and get enough speed. So, where do some of the top PWA sailors put them? There is no standard position for your straps, it depends on your riding level, weight, your height and so on.

Goya Windsurfing - Footstrap Positions
    The correct setup of your straps will make a great difference in controlling your Goya board. Front Strap: Having the front strap further forward gives you more access to the front area of the board and more control for maneuvers. Having the front strap further back gives you more power on the tail rocker, rails, and fin. Rear Strap: Placing the back strap further forward will give you more flotation, support, and …

Getting into the Footstraps - Boards Windsurfing
    As you do so, extend the front arm to keep the rig forward. Simultaneously slip the foot into the strap. Once in the front strap, ‘lock out’ adopting a 7 shape stance. Don’t go for the back strap yet, just sail. Getting into the back footstrap 1. Getting into the back footstrap 2. Getting into the back footstrap 3.

iWindsurf Community :: View topic - Footstrap Positions
    Nov 12, 2017 · I am about to install the footstraps on my new 2016 Futura 114 for the first time. What do you recommend is the best footstrap position for the Futura 114 keeping in mind it is more of a Freerace board? Up to now on my present board, a 2004 Carve 121, I …

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