Windsurfing Harness Lines Position

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Harness lines: length, width and positioning for windsurfing
    For powerful wind conditions, you may run a tape measure from the clew of the sail to the middle of the mast, and then position the rear harness line fixing one-third of the way down the boom. The Rig Lift Technique In a windless area, lift your rig with one or two fingers. If the clew drops, move the lifting point forward toward the mast.

How to Set Up the Harness Lines - How To Windsurf 101
    The best and most accurate way to determine the position of the harness lines is to connect the sail to the board and set it up upright on the shore, as close to the waterline as possible (so the wind is as similar to what we get on the water as it gets). Set the boom in the correct position and hook into the harness lines.

Pro Tips Harness lines length and position in slalom ...
    Jun 24, 2018 · Harness lines length and its position are a very personal thing for every windsurfer but also there are rules that determine how your rig will behave when you have lines to much forward or...Author: MauiSails Windsurfing

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    CORRECT HARNESS LINE POSITION: The back harness line should be about one third of the way along your sail (from front to back). The front line should be …

Front Hand Position - Windsurfing Tips - Starboard Windsurfing
    Mar 23, 2020 · For the Waterstart, where you need to get the rig upright and away from yourself, having the front hand back by the harness lines will also make it a lot easier. To do a Forward Loop you need to get the rig forward and into windward. Having the front hand by the harness lines will again make that a lot easier to do.

Harness line position 1/3 rule Windsurfing Forums, page 1
    We often read that the harness lines position on the boom should be where we can effortlessly hold the boom with one hand and the rig feels almost weightless. i.e, the balance point.. THIS POINT DOES NOT GYBE WITH THE 1/3 rule. Actually, from my own measurement, the 1/3 point is considerably more backwards than the balance point.

Harness Line Lengths for you! – Pritchard Windsurfing
    Sep 17, 2012 · Boom height also plays a big part in proper harness line length. The shorter you are the lower you may want your boom. I prescribe a boom height that is between shoulder and chin height when you are standing on the board. If your boom is lower than that, you may be compensating for too short of harness lines!

How to Windsurf - The Harness
    We use the harness to hook into the harness lines which are fixed to the boom. These will either be fixed or if adjustable length harness lines depending on preference. Important as a prerequisite to try to use the harness lines is that we already be used to sailing with a correct body position.

Harness line position Windsurfing Forums, page 1
    Dec 31, 2014 · If it pulls toward the mast, put your harness lines a bit forward, pulls toward the clew, harness lines back. This will give you a good starting position. Occasionally you do have to adjust on the water, not easy but certainly do-able and if they are nearly right in …

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