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How to Turn - How to Windsurf - Turning
    Jun 18, 2013 · By pulling the sail to the left or right we are able to turn the board clockwise or anticlockwise (when looked at from above). The sail will always try to position itself in line with the wind so when we shift it to the left, the board will turn clockwise so that the sail can continue being in line with the wind.

How to Tack on a Windsurf. Basics tricks RIDERS
    There are two basic turns in windsurfing — the tack and the jibe. The tack is a turn upwind, changing your board's course 180 degrees. 1. Open the sail, bring your weight onto your front leg and begin to slowly lower the sail down to the stern. Have your front hand …

Beginner basics Steering Upwind & Downwind - YouTube
    Aug 15, 2015 · How to steer and go upwind. Beginner basics. simple and easy instruction. Join us on a coaching week to get the most from your windsurfing. Thanks for watching our coaching ...Author: GetWindsurfing windsurfing coaching

How to do a 180-degree static turn in windsurfing
    Performing the static turn will help you point the nose of the board in any direction without having actually to sail the equipment across the water. Basically, the windsurfer tilts the rig to make the board spin 180 degrees under your feet. The technique allows you to, for instance, go back to where you left the beach.

How to Windsurf? - Tutorialspoint
    Make sure it goes in front of you, and bear in mind you will get very tired if you have to keep on picking it up Tilt the mast from the safety position towards the stern to turn the nose of the board upwind (behind you) or towards... Step around the mast, as the nose comes around, to get to the ...

How to Windsurf - Steering and Courses
    So we are now able to windsurf in one direction, maybe even in both. If not yet, you can read up on how to turn in windsurfing. Now we want to know how to windsurf towards a specific point. Before we start it is important to clarify that we will not be using the terms right or left as this will change depending in which direction we are sailing in.

How to windsurf in two hours - Surfertoday
    Tacking is a basic 180º turn. It's vital to learn how to do it in order to get back to your original starting point. To do this, sail the board into the wind, place the front hand on the mast and start to lean the sail back towards the tail. Step around the mast into the opposite side of the board.

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