Windsurfing In Barbados Silver Sands

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Silver Sands, spot guide for kite and windsurfing in Barbados
    Silver Sands. Barbados. Auszug aus dem KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE: South of the airport, Long Beach is the main kite hang-out, with 2km of undeveloped beachfront and cross-onshore NE trades. The waves are mainly mid-sized; big winter swells can see 3-4m on the reef, but increasing wave heights mean bigger shorebreak too.

Barbados Windsurfing
    Windsurfing action at Silver Sands The spot to windsurf in Barbados is the area of Silver Sands, where the conditions are challenging yet forgiving and where circumstances are unbelievably convenient. Besides Hawaii, Barbados is one of the best wave windsurfing spots of the world.

Windguru - Barbados - Silver Sands
    Windguru weather forecast for Barbados - Silver Sands. Special wind and weather forecast for windsurfing, kitesurfing and other wind related sports.

De Action Man Brian Talma – Windsurfing, Kitesurfing ...
    Silver Sands is welcoming a beach cricket league. And renowned windsurfer Brian “deAction” Talma believes the blending of beach culture and cricket would bring a sense of inclusivity within the community. “What is happening with the surfing world is the communities are not a part of it.

Barbados Windsurfing Holidays Barbados Windsurf Holiday
    The main windsurfing zone is around Silver Sands on the east coast of Barbados, where you will find stunning white sand beaches and waves. Planet Windsurf offers a luxury beach resort right next to the windsurf beach, or some large beautifully appointed apartments nearby. Both options are …

Barbados Windsurfing: Surfseekers ..... The Wind Hunters
    The spot to windsurf in Barbados, is the area of Silver Sands, where the conditions are challenging yet forgiving. To describe Silver Sands in one sentence: it is a wonderful spot for beginners and top guys alike. For Board rentals and spare parts, Brian Talma's shop at Silver Rock is the first address.

Windsurfing - Brian Talma
    Windsurfing deAction Beach on Silver Sands is the home of deAction Surf Shop. Offering an incredible location for windsurfing, conditions are ideal weather you are a beginner venturing into the waves for the first time, intermediate, or an expert windsurfer …

Home - Upwind Kitesurfing Lessons Barbados
    Nov 22, 2018 · At Upwind Kite Surf School in Barbados you find some of the best conditions for Kitesurfing and Kitesurf Lessons throughout the Caribbean. With its warm blue/turquoise sea and its white sandy beaches, Barbados is also one of the windiest islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The best conditions are from November to June/July with trade-winds blowing at an average of 15 – 25 knots …

Silver Sands - Barbados Pocket Guide
    This quarter of a mile long, wide beach of pure sugary white sand leading to restless azure waters is also the perfect place to relax, and constant refreshing breezes allow you to sit and observe the various activities taking place on this very popular Barbados beach. The sea at Silver Sands can be very rough for ordinary recreational swimming and, depending on the time of the year, there can be medium to …

Barbados Beaches: Silver Sands Beach
    Silver Sands is a lovely expanse of powdery white sand located on the south coast of the island. The waves and swells in this area are quite impressive, making it an ideal spot of a wide variety of watersports. During the winter months the tradewinds off the coast of Silver Sands create perfect conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing, and Silver Sands is recognized as a world class location …

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