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FERAL Wetsuits

    We make our wetsuits with 100 percent Yamamoto Japanese neoprene—the highest grade of rubber available. Yamamoto neoprene absorbs very little water, making FERAL wetsuits naturally lighter, warmer, and more durable than wetsuits made with traditional neoprene.

Yamamoto Neoprene Surfing Wetsuits » Schnellwetsuits.com

    Premium Surfing Wetsuits. Schnell Wetsuits are made from Premium Japanese Yamamoto Neoprene, sourced from limestone, containing over 99.7% calcium carbonate, unlike normal neoprene which is derived from petroleum, Yamamoto neoprene is much environmental friendly compared to Chinese and Taiwanese neoprene, Due to its unique cell structure it is at least 30% warmer than any other …

The Yamamoto Neoprene Wetsuit You Can Afford - SURFER …

    Dec 22, 2015 · The Yamamoto is a bit less stretchy than traditional neoprene, so I found the Feral suit a little more difficult to pull on. But because there are fewer seams, it felt fluid and endlessly elastic while surfing.Author: Justin Housman

Yamamoto Neoprene - The Story of the Best Out There ...

    Dec 29, 2018 · Yamamoto neoprene does come at a cost, up to 2x the price of mass-market neoprene. It's important that when investing that money into a Yamamoto wetsuit that you also consider getting the best crafted and fitted wetsuit. Mass-market neoprene isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It makes wetsuits accessible, which is something we strongly believe in.

Yamamoto – Nineplus Inc

    Nineplus Wetsuits . Produced in Yamamoto Number 39 (the grade number reflects the density and softness of the cell makeup) this is a suit which is extremely modern in terms of fit, comfort and weight while retaining the retro styling of a classic smooth-skin (single lined) wetsuit.

Mens Wetsuits - Surfing Wet Suits for Men Quiksilver

    Mens Wetsuits - Surfing Wet Suits for Men Every surfer knows the importance of a quality wetsuit, and if you’re new to the sport, you’ll quickly learn what all the fuss is about. As one of the original surf brands, Quiksilver has a long history of designing and innovating products that …


    Yamamoto – The global standard for high-function wetsuits Yamamoto began producing wetsuits in 1961, offering the first wetsuit material in Japan that combined both high functionality and flexibility at a time when wetsuits were primarily composed of the heavy and stiff rubber used in tires.

Custom-Tailored Wetsuits Made from 100% Limestone Neoprene

    Custom tailored wetsuits for surfing and scuba diving. For the most comfortable experience in and out of the water. Made from the 100% Yamamoto Japanese limestone. Mens wetsuits and womens wetsuits available. Free Alterations and Repairs.

Isurus Wetsuits - Lightweight & Flexible for Performance ...

    Isurus Wetsuits are manufactured exclusively with Yamamoto™ neoprene for warmth and flexibility. Surf stronger and longer with an Isurus compression wetsuit. ... Building the World's best wetsuits for surfing.

Surfing Wetsuit & Windsurfing Wetsuit Manufacturers and ...

    The first choice material for surfing wetsuits is Japan-YAMAMOTO #39 or #40 / Taiwan-Nam Liong Q2 or SS-1, has excellent softness and elongation, laminated super stretch fabric to made surfing wetsuits with has unparalleled flexible, but it's expensive.

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