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How to Kitesurf: Jumping, Part 1: small jumps ... - YouTube
    Jun 24, 2017 · This kiteboarding tutorial starts by explaining very small jumps – designed for you to practice with less risk. We then explain how to jump a little higher; and finally look at the problems you ...Author: Kite-Surf-College Tutorials and Tricks

The best of crash of Kitesurf, accident... - YouTube
    Sep 10, 2013 · THE BEST KITE IN THE WORLD! - the epic truth about kitesurfing kites - the epic gust - Duration: 6:10. Epic Gust 41,092 views

Jump Higher with WOO - Kiteboarding Big Air Tips & Tricks ...
    Big fins can help you hold your edge in big wind. Larger kites will help create more power, just be sure you’re not getting ripped off your edge too early as you pop. The highest jumps have a big pop UP vs. a pop downwind. Build speed and line tension until you catch a gust, and then edge upwind to generate a big …

How to Jump Kitesurfing Progression inMotion Kitesurfing
    Let’s start off with a straight ‘air’, or jump. If you can jump properly, it makes it easier to do other more advanced tricks. This tutorial continues from the first in our series of kitesurfing progression tutorials, Riding Upwind. If you missed that lesson, and you are learning to kitesurf, you might want to read it as well. The Take Off

Kitesurfing jump I 4 easy steps to fly -
    Kitesurfing jump: 4 essential steps Step 1: quickly steer the kite to 12 o’clock. Step 2: immediately edge upwind. Step 3: pull the bar all the way in. Step 4: redirect the kite to 2 or 10 for a soft and smooth landing. Kitesurf jump: take off. Step 1: make sure you have sufficient power

Jumping - Kitesurfing Handbook
    This kitesurfing handbook provides information to assist people learn and practice kitesurfing with an emphasis on safety. Learn how to kitesurf. Pickup handy kitesurfing tips and techniques to increase your enjoyment and safety. Improve your skills and work on your progression from beginner, though intermediate to advanced.

Hacking INSANE Air in Kitesurfing
    This leads us to the inherent contradiction in going BIG. You need to generate a HUGE amount of power through the kite, by moving it fast and hard from low in the window to 12 o’clock…BUT as soon as you lose control of that power, by letting it pull you off your edge, your jump’s going to suffer.

How to Jumping Kitesurfing Technique » Beginner Free ...
    Before hacking out into the big blue, let’s consider the kite’s task. Your kite needs to pull you up, off the water, preferably in an elevator style jump. This means that the kite will move from one side or another through the 12 o’clock mark directly above you. If the kite moves across in front of you, you’ll just get yanked off down wind.

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